custom-event-management-application-for-stress-free-event-planning-300With the fall 2014 event season just around the corner, the pressure is on for event planners and marketing professionals orchestrating a ton of tasks under tight deadlines.

Having the right technology can make all the difference between hosting disorganized mayhem and a smooth, memorable experience.

One of the biggest obstacles for event planners is how to effectively manage all of the logistical data and processes. Between attendee registrations, speaker requests, and program changes, planners need a way to quickly manage the data so that the appropriate action can be taken immediately.

We have seen many Caspio customers take an innovative approach by building their own custom online database applications to automate their entire event workflow. Here are some common use cases:

  • Event agenda and schedule
  • Attendee registration
  • Sponsor and exhibitor management
  • Speaker arrangements
  • Discount codes and payment processing
  • Vendor and expense management
  • Email and promotion programs

Take Diversified Business Communications for example. The company is an international media services provider that specializes in organizing large-scale trade shows. With the help of Caspio’s online database platform, they have created a variety of applications to streamline their event management tasks such as publishing conference agendas, event calendars, sponsor and exhibitor information, as well as managing the call-for-papers and referral programs.

I have been using Caspio for over 7 years now and have never looked back! Caspio enables us to respond quickly to competitive challenges, scale endlessly, and sleep easy at night!

Mike Morton
Diversified Business Communications Canada

To give event planners a better idea of how they can utilize Caspio to streamline their tasks, we’d like to share an example from our library of a pre-recorded live training sessions. Watch the video below to see how to build an event listing app from scratch in under an hour.

This simple proof-of-concept shows how, with a rapid application development tool and a little imagination, you can expect remarkable results in very little time. Best of all, applications can be easily customized to include more business functions such as contact management, task management, time tracking, and more.

Open a free trial to explore the Caspio platform in more depth.

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