Caspio Streamlines Workflow for National Mortgage Company

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Security National Mortgage
Industry Finance
Challenge Build a database from multiple sources to maintain personnel information
Why Caspio
  • Unifies multiple data sources for easier data management and reporting
  • Provides a customizable solution to match expectations of upper management
  • Offers continuous education and enables users to support the apps they build


My name is Alex Fenech. I work for Security National Mortgage Company. My title with them is IT support manager and BI developer.


Our company is a mortgage company, so we fund home loans for a variety of purposes across the nation.

Building a Custom Database for a Mortgage Company

When I first came on, it started instantaneously with Caspio.


The first thing that I needed to do was build an online database. The primary purpose of my job was maintaining all our personnel information and making sure people had transparency into that.


Some of the challenges that we faced as a company are very similar to what other companies face.


We have data everywhere. We are part of the larger parent financial company. Their interests are spread across the board. We’re a mortgage company, but there’s also a life insurance company, a mortuary company, a memorial company, a real estate company. It doesn’t make sense for them to be able to customize things for what mortgage needed.

Departmental Solution Complements HQ Requirements

We brought Caspio in to develop our own application that kind of complemented what our corporate was doing but gave us all the customization we needed.


It still fed data out to them to make their lives easier, and we were able to bring data in from them for our own purposes. That way, we can manipulate and change it however we needed. It didn’t really affect what they needed their data to do.


The first application we built utilized everything that Caspio really had to offer at the time.


We built tables, we used it to combine into Views, and we produced DataPages that we deployed out on a WordPress site. Through those DataPages is how our marketing department was able to interact with the app. We just feed in the invoices and the other data that just needed to get mashed together.

Project Management, Tracking Made Easy

We then developed another Caspio application for our marketing team to do project management and tracking.


They could incorporate by tracking how many hours they were putting for different projects, for creating brochures or fliers or what have you. All that now gets pushed into the same invoice system.


Our marketing went from yanking invoices from however many applications or vendors they were using to one that will get submitted to corporate. It made everything so much simpler by being able to do that.

Caspio Puts Effort Into User Education

With no experience, I was able to go into the Caspio platform, and right away I could build an online database and I could build an application. I really didn’t need to have more knowledge than that.


Caspio doesn’t just make something that’s going to be simple and quick. I feel like they’ve put a lot of effort into user education.


Everything else that Caspio provides is really driven towards making sure I know what I’m doing and that I can fully support it moving forward. I don’t feel like I can make something in Caspio that I’m not capable of continuing to support after that.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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