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Caspio Empowers Volunteers by Streamlining Processes

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Philippine Foundation for Cultural and Educational Development
Industry Nonprofit
Challenge Create a cloud-based activity reservation system for volunteers
Why Caspio
  • Moves archaic pen-and-paper processes to the cloud
  • Makes application development accessible to “non-IT” users
  • Allows nonprofits to focus on helping others, not logistics


My name is Maria Victoria Caparas, and I am a consultant for the Philippine Foundation for Cultural and Educational Development. I’m also the program director for accountancy and an associate professor for the University of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines.


My organization has the mission to form men and women to be good Christians and to be able to participate in community development.


That means being able to manage venues so that all of these formation activities will happen there. The venues could be everywhere in the Philippines.

Saving Volunteers’ Time Through Low-Code

What we do is really give formation, spiritual retreat seminars, professional seminars, leadership seminars, so that they will be able to really make things happen, make a change for the Philippines.


I observed that there are many processes that must be made efficient so that many talented volunteers will not waste their time. And that was in 2011 when I decided to Google search and I found Caspio.


Just like using the Microsoft Access in the cloud, what I did was to come up with an activity reservation system.

From Pen-And-Paper to the Cloud

We translated the pen-and-paper system into the cloud so that all the satellite sites, all the centers around the Philippines will be able to access it online. The ones attending the activities aren’t tech-savvy ladies. They are career women, but probably not so much into IT.


They got used to the pen-and-paper system even if it is full of inefficiencies. They just see it as something necessary. “You know, I just have to reserve, and this is all that I do.” What they don’t see is that many people need the information, too.


So, it took a lot of talking with them about the benefits of the Caspio platform. And I think after seven years, I now only get 1% of complaints.

Focusing on Helping Others, Not on Logistics

Many people are willing to spend their time volunteering with us. Many of them have been able to use their time well.


I think that is the greatest benefit that I have given to this system or to the organization. I focused the attention from the logistics part to the delivering of content.


I also implemented Triggered Actions, and so the system is a little bit more accurate. For example, they now know the exact number of attendees per activity, unlike before when there were errors in record-keeping. So, the Triggered Actions feature by the Caspio platform really facilitated accuracy.

Caspio: A Better Way to Do Things

Caspio makes IT programming accessible to anyone in the business.


At the back end, Caspio, I think, has the mission to transform lives. For me, it has really changed my professional life, because in the end, I want to dedicate my life to many worthwhile endeavors, and I cannot do that with just pen and paper.


I always have this in mind: “There must be a better way to do things.” And when I discovered Caspio, I realized it was the solution.


Caspio has given me the possibility to improve things.

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