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  • Ned Pajic, Technical Evangelist, Caspio




Ned Pajic:


Hi, welcome to this ultimate video guide on how to build a resource management application with Caspio secure and easy to use online database platform. My name is Ned. And in part one of this video guide, I will give you a quick overview of the application so you know exactly what we plan on developing.


The premise of this application will be to manage and keep track of a company’s IT assets or resources. As you can see, the app will be comprised of three different user levels, each with their own unique set of permissions and privileges. When logged in as the employee we’ll be able to see the inventory that has been assigned to us and be able to update our profile and password. When logged in, as the manager we’ll be able to search and see and consolidate a list of all inventory items flagged by different colors, depending on status. We’ll be able to drill into details and make updates and be able to see the history log of all the prior updates for that specific item. Furthermore, as the manager we’ll be able to add new inventory items, assign them to specific employees in our region, manage all devices and just like the employee level user we’ll be able to see all items assigned to us and update our profile along with the password. Finally, when logged in as the admin, we’ll be able to see a breakdown of all the inventory items by location and status, charts to view metrics and keying on specific data elements, if needed, view company wide data of all inventory items, manage all application users and more.


Thank you for watching part one of this ultimate video guide. If you have a need to build such an application for your business, or would just like to learn how to leverage the caspio platform for your own business needs, then join me in this video guide and find out why many businesses are relying on Caspio to build their own custom business applications. I’ll see you in class.

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