Earlier this year, Apptitudinal People & Technology emerged as a technological spin-off of Servitalent.

Its Spain-based parent company has been a Caspio customer since 2016. At the time, the HR company used Caspio’s no-code platform to digitize and automate a certification project. They successfully built a custom talent management database and have been expanding their executive search, interim management and other talent services since then.

Now a Caspio Solutions Partner, Apptitudinal creates custom HR applications that help their clients digitally transform.

Read on to learn how Apptitudinal started an entirely new revenue stream and created a new business model on Caspio.

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Demand for Custom-Built HR Applications

During a presentation, the parent company’s internal ERP caught the eye of an important client, the HR department of a multinational company.

The Caspio-powered enterprise resource planning system featured unlimited user access, an integrated online database and custom functions. But more importantly, it was built by HR professionals who had a deep understanding of the challenges faced by human resource departments and organizations every day.

With experienced HR professionals developing what the client wanted, the team of tech-savvy specialists worked on the company’s first external project.

Numerous HR digitization projects soon followed after their initial success, and they started receiving referral after referral.

That’s how Apptitudinal was born, said CEO Alberto Fernandez Varela.

Digital Transformation Experts in Human Resources

Now a certified Solutions Partner, Apptitudinal leverages Caspio to automate HR management processes in a customized web application.

Their clients benefit from significantly improved internal communications, performance tracking, document management, KPI metrics and more while potentially involving their entire staff in the company’s digital transformation initiatives.

MODULES FOR SUCCESS: Apptitudinal People & Technology offers several key modules to customize and implement for their clients.

The secret lies in having HR professionals who understand the complex requirements of human resources and translate them into highly customized applications — and do that without having to write code.

The HR software adapts to the people and the process, and not the other way around.

“All our clients want to avoid altering their internal processes. They want to continue working as they have been doing until now, but they need a platform to automate their systems. We are achieving that by working with Caspio,” Varela said.

Faster Than Traditional Software Development

The average design and development process for an HR application with Apptitudinal is between six and 10 weeks. This includes an active analysis of client needs, while offering maintenance support and improvement proposals as needed.

That’s much faster and more cost-efficient than projects built from the ground up via traditional coding.

THE SPEED OF INNOVATION: Apptitudinal rapidly designs, develops and supports custom solutions for their clients using Caspio.

Having Caspio’s low-code and no-code tools, along with Professional Services when needed, is a complete game changer for Apptitudinal.

This partnership allowed the creation of a business model where HR specialists and other business users build effective apps after some initial training and supervision. The new venture didn’t even require the hiring of additional professional developers with extensive programming knowledge.

Here are some of the custom HR applications they’ve built so far:

Launch the Exact Application Your HR Team Needs

If you operate in the Spanish or Latin American markets and want more in-depth information, watch Caspio’s first ever Spanish webinar with the Apptitudinal team. Topics include the importance of automating people management processes through low-code and no-code technologies. You can also find exclusive app demos towards the end of the session to see certain solutions in action.

You can also get to know Apptitudinal better through their various social channels:

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