As more and more platforms join the expanding low-code/no-code market each year, a good number of providers, including Quickbase, have certain practices that throttle the growth of their customers.

Per-user pricing, deployment limitations, proprietary programming languages and other restrictive barriers get in the way of rapid scalability and business growth. How can users launch accessible, transformative custom applications if they encounter built-in roadblocks that slow down their development cycles?

You don’t need to compromise. Caspio is the Quickbase alternative that sets you up for success.

Check out our complete head-to-head analysis with over 20 reasons why Caspio beats Quickbase.

Top 5 Reasons to Switch From Quickbase to Caspio

Here are the top five reasons why Caspio provides more value for your investment:

AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Caspio supports full scalability and flexibility with our unlimited user model, industry-standard database, anywhere deployment and more.

1. Unlimited User Model

The democratization of software development is here. In the US alone, 4 out of 5 companies are now using low-code, compared to 77% worldwide. This data shows the immense demand for more people to access visual app-building platforms. It makes little sense to charge for user licenses and penalize companies that want to expand their talent pool by involving more citizen developers in digital transformation initiatives.

Additionally, businesses value a modern SaaS product by how it helps them grow sales, generate more reports, complete projects faster and achieve other key metrics – not by the number of users.

Caspio provides unlimited app developers and unlimited app users to empower your entire workforce. Build and operate the custom apps you need without the compounding costs and limits on the number of end-users. This means you can use Caspio whether for internal tools meant for a small team or for public-facing applications serving thousands or even millions of users.

2. Industry-Standard Database

Caspio runs on Microsoft SQL Server as a Certified Gold Partner and operates in seven AWS data centers around the world. This means business users and experienced developers on the platform get a fast and scalable environment to keep up with any usage spikes while maintaining optimal speeds in any region. It’s among the many benefits of a standards-based database with proven enterprise technology.

On the other hand, the Quickbase database is proprietary, which means it’s playing catch-up to certain features like running SQL statements natively, implementing referential integrity with ease, importing/exporting objects in bulk and many more. Also, Quickbase is only hosted on two data centers in the United States, potentially impacting its platform performance in other parts of the globe.

When it comes to features, Caspio’s online database supports SQL statements, intuitive referential integrity to enhance the accuracy of your data, bulk import and export of multiple Excel worksheets and Access databases, among others.

3. Deploy Apps Anywhere

Want to embed custom apps on your business website, intranet or portal? Caspio gives you the freedom to deploy your internal and public-facing applications on any web property you control. Launch fully-featured apps on any website and brand them with custom styling tools, HTML/CSS code snippets and other extensions.

External deployment is not possible using Quickbase. Apps on their platform run exclusively within the Quickbase web and mobile environment with little room for styling and brand customization. It’s like working with an off-the-shelf software suite with rigid specifications.

4. Affordable Scalability

Caspio’s Explore plan already saves you 75% compared to what Quickbase offers on its base tier. We also provide a free account, which allows users to deploy apps live without expiry dates or hidden fees.

Quickbase’s paid plans start at $600 per month (priced annually). What’s not apparent is that their entry-level plan only covers 20 users, requiring you to pay an additional $360 per year for each user you add. It gets more convoluted with their flexible licensing option, where you need to contact sales to know the exact deal.

Caspio gives you unlimited app builders and users out of the box, with a more straightforward and affordable path to scaling your needs. Our offerings also include a $1/DataPage package to further support cost-effective digital transformation initiatives.

5. Quality Support and Services

Caspio fully commits to assisting customers through 24/7 live channels, including phone and chat, regardless if you have a free or paid account. Businesses also have the option to request free project consultations that normally go for hundreds of dollars. Want a team of highly skilled specialists to work on your project in-house? Caspio offers various plans that cater to your exact needs, from smaller-scale projects to a comprehensive turnkey solution.

Quickbase takes the opposite approach by limiting its support capabilities with no phone support, live chat and 24/7 customer care, to name a few.

Digital Success Across Multiple Industries

Caspio powers 15,000 customers across 150 countries, from innovative startups to progressive corporations. Here are some ways businesses solve unique problems with Caspio’s brand of no-code.

J-W Power Company, which operates the largest privately owned CNG compression fleet in the US, leveraged Caspio to build custom apps amid a shortage of in-house IT resources. After completing their first app on Caspio within a month, J-W Power’s understaffed IT team deployed another 15 apps for 650 users within six months.

Paul Woolsey, applications manager at J-W Power Company, personally built demo apps on numerous no-code platforms, including Quickbase, but ultimately chose Caspio.

“Now, their intended audience is a business user, but they do have the added capability to inject code. It’s the best of both worlds,” Woolsey said. “On top of that, Caspio has all of the other key features that you’re looking for.”

GEFCO, an industry-leading logistics company with 80 operating hubs in 39 countries, needed a system with robust, flexible and scalable user management features to support a major European auto manufacturer.

Simon Verdon, operational IT solutions manager at GEFCO UK, explored other no-code tools for the project. However, he found each of them lacking – whether it was limited scalability, complicated implementation, or unreasonable visible and hidden costs. Only Caspio checked all the right boxes.

“We realized that Caspio’s powerful platform provided the stability, scalability, and security we needed for our system at a reasonable price,” Verdon said.

More Reasons to Build No-Code Apps With Caspio

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