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Does your company struggle to meet the demand for custom applications?

Digital agility is no small feat, but it’s the edge you need in a hypercompetitive world. The fact is, business demand for custom apps is growing 5 times faster than IT can deliver. Even the most agile development teams struggle to keep pace.

Caspio has you covered.

Digital Success. One and Done.TM

You could easily spend half a million dollars or more to acquire all the talent and technology necessary to meet the rising demand for custom business applications — not to mention the burden of hiring developers, maintaining cloud infrastructure and managing the entire application development process.
With Caspio, you can start transforming your business for less than the cost of a single developer. Gain full access to Caspio’s industry-leading low-code platform and a team of technical experts to execute your ideas. We take the pressure off so you can focus on what you do best — managing your business.

What's Included

Caspio One includes all our best technology, expertise, training and support in a single turnkey solution.

Low-Code Platform
Unlimited Users?
Unlike services that charge per seat, Caspio enables you to deploy your applications on any website for UNLIMITED users — matching the flexibility of traditional development at a fraction of the cost.
Unlimited App Creators?
Realize the full potential of your investment by empowering more people to build apps. With unlimited Caspio app creators, you can unleash the hidden talent that already exists within your organization.
Unlimited DataPages?
There’s no limits on the number of app interfaces you can build, allowing you to freely explore, iterate and scale your applications to move the business forward.
All Platform Features?
You’ll have access to all the capabilities that make Caspio a recognized Low-Code Leader, ranked highest for overall product strengths by Forrester.
Application Hosting and Usage?
Includes unlimited data transfer for your application hosting and usage, supporting any number public or internal users accessing your deployed applications.
Built-in Compliance?
Provides additional security safeguards, data encryption, audit trail and turnkey compliance for storing sensitive data, including HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR and PCI compliance.
Premium Cloud Infrastructure?
Receive greater operational thresholds for optimal performance, scalability and reliability – with higher service levels across the board.
Professional Services
Dedicated Project Manager?
Your project manager serves as your single point of contact to champion your business goals, translating your requests into application development plans.
Technology Consulting?
Our team works alongside you to validate and build on your ideas — providing technical expertise in application architecture, user experience, workflow automation, integration and more.
Agile Application Development?
We take care of all the heavy lifting using an agile development methodology, which is structured around 2-week iterations called “sprints” to deliver fast, high-quality results.
Security/Compliance Assessments?
Leverage Caspio's industry expertise to ensure your applications adhere to your corporate governance, security, privacy or regulatory requirements.
Active Performance Management?
White-glove IT services to proactively detect and prevent any application performance issues.
Application Maintenance?
We provide ongoing maintenance, ensuring your apps are highly available, reliable and future-proof — even as technical requirements, browsers and devices evolve.
Continuous Improvements?
Your Caspio partnership doesn’t end with the initial launch of your applications. We help you continuously improve and maintain your apps based on your strategic goals.
Premium Support
Assigned Account Manager?
Your Account Manager will help you look beyond your current projects to help drive business transformation across your organization.
Instructor-Led Training?
Learn the fundamentals of building Caspio apps by attending our live, instructor-led training sessions offered multiple times a week.
6-Week Onboarding Program?
Your team will be guided through a 6-week onboarding program to accelerate your Caspio knowledge and development skills, tailored to your unique business requirements.
Priority Support?
Receive priority support with automatic escalation to a higher tier of technical expertise.
2-Hour Response Times?
Access to live support via phone, chat, email and tickets with 2-hour guaranteed response times.
24/7 Support Hotline?
Exclusive access to a special hotline for issues that impact the operation of your deployed applications.
Service Level Agreement?
Guarantees 99.9% uptime, although Caspio consistently maintains much higher uptime historically.

Transform your business operations with low code.

COVID-19 made one thing clear. Companies with non-digital workflows struggled to adapt, whereas those with robust digital strategies thrived. Transforming from offline processes is the first essential step for success in the cloud. Caspio’s low-code platform is a proven solution to build apps 20x faster than traditional methods, while also reducing overhead and IT costs.

The apps you need, the way you want to work.

The apps you need, the way you want to work.

Make your applications work harder for you, not the other way around. With Caspio, you get the custom apps you need according to your unique requirements, proprietary workflows and specific business goals. Never before could you gain so much control, efficiency and automation out of your applications.

Achieve game-changing speed to market.

Achieve game-changing speed to market.

Meeting the digital demands of your business requires both speed and agility. Partnering with Caspio means your initiatives will receive the attention and expertise they need to move the needle — fast. Streamline operations, launch new services and drive revenue by developing at speed and scale.

Experience the freedom to execute on new ideas.

Experience the freedom to execute on new ideas.

Want to try new approaches that innovate across the business? Ideas are futile without the right team to execute them effectively. Whether your organization is facing long project backlogs, competing priorities, scarce resources, or all of the above, Caspio allows you to bring your ideas to life more than ever before.

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