For many businesses, 2021 was a year of accelerated digital transformation.

According to our recent study in partnership with Forrester, an overwhelming 86% of organizations said the pandemic impacted their manual or semi-digital processes. And 60% are looking to low-code platforms to help them digitize, automate and modernize their operations.

Caspio’s free app templates are invaluable for organizations looking to quickly address gaps exposed by the pandemic. What challenges did businesses solve with Caspio’s ready-made apps last year? Here’s our list of the most requested apps in 2021.

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Digitization Takes Priority, Customers Remain on Top

The pandemic made one thing clear — businesses without digital strategies struggled, while those that migrated to the cloud thrived. In Forrester’s “Accelerate Business Transformation and Growth With Low Code” report, more than three-quarters of business leaders said the pandemic exposed gaps in their organization’s cloud readiness.

Stat on organizations' cloud readiness
THE CORNERSTONE OF DIGITAL SUCCESS: Cloud adoption plays a key role in helping businesses revolutionize processes and reap the benefits of digitization.

Healthcare organizations, in particular, are moving quickly to transform how they operate and provide patient care. In fact, approximately 93% of healthcare executives now look to innovate with urgency.

This trend is reflected in our 2021 most popular templates. Four of the top 10 apps cater to improving healthcare services, as well as ensuring a safe workplace environment.

The rest, including the #1 most requested, address evolving customer demands and internal workflows. According to the Forrester report, companies need to prioritize digitization because the consequences of inaction are too significant to ignore: lack of competitive advantage (61%), lower customer satisfaction (50%) and lost revenue (43%).

Caspio’s app templates help business leaders take action and achieve their digital transformation goals faster.

Most Popular Caspio Apps of 2021, Ranked

From listing the five most popular apps in 2020, we expanded our 2021 list to 10 applications, ranked by the total number of requests.

10. IT Helpdesk

The IT Helpdesk app emerged as one of the most requested applications of 2021, signaling an increase in remote helpdesk tickets handled by short-staffed IT teams. With this self-service app, employees gain the means to efficiently ask for support, while authorized IT admins assign tickets respectively to facilitate speedy resolutions.

9. Patient Intake Forms

Caspio’s free patient intake forms complemented the push for paperless systems while promoting social distancing in clinics and other healthcare facilities. Empower your staff to safely gather patient information in the cloud and improve the overall patient experience.

8. Contact Management

The contact management app provides a great starting point for businesses to organize contact lists in a secure cloud environment. Managing all your contact information in a centralized database makes it easier for authorized members of your team to insert, update and delete records using custom web interfaces.

7. Recruiting Management

With millions of Americans quitting their jobs and looking for new opportunities amid the pandemic, virtual hiring became a priority for many companies. Requests for our free recruitment management app also grew. The app template comes with intuitive multi-user functions that help HR teams simplify their end-to-end hiring process — from publishing job listings and capturing resumes to scheduling interviews among other tasks.

6. Project Management

The project management app dropped out of the top five but remained a popular app template, signifying the lasting importance of adopting digital tools to run projects remotely. With Caspio’s project management template, users can easily consolidate all the projects in one place, see a holistic view of all the tasks and pending items, and generate reports at any stage of the project’s lifecycle.

5. Patient Portal

Caspio’s patient portal app proved to be useful in improving patient outcomes as hospitals continued to deal with an influx of new patients. This app template includes a registration form where new patients can sign up, visual dashboards where doctors can monitor patient visits and health statistics, and communication tools for sending and checking important messages.

4. Knowledge Base

The remote nature of most workspaces today has encouraged companies to move important assets to the cloud. Both customers and employees need easy but secure access to critical company or product information. Caspio’s knowledge base app helps businesses manage their internal and public-facing content. The template acts as an online documentation system where admins can upload and approve articles while end-users can search, view and rate the usefulness of each content.

3. Online Store

Caspio’s online store app addresses an important need for today’s businesses to build reliable e-commerce websites. Post your entire product inventory, manage orders and track purchases in the cloud. You can even add unique branding to your online store and enable payment processing via Stripe or PayPal.

2. Appointment Scheduling

Caspio’s free appointment scheduling app helps organizations comply with COVID-19 health and safety protocols. With this template, staff and managers easily organize patient schedules in a healthcare clinic or regulate foot traffic in the office to avoid crowding. It’s one of the reasons why the app climbed in popularity from fifth in 2020 to second in 2021. Top features include a native calendar interface that lets you intuitively review your weekly or monthly schedule at a glance and automated SMS and email reminders to make sure guests don’t forget their upcoming appointments, reducing last-minute cancellations.

1. Custom CRM

Caspio’s Custom CRM application remained the most popular app template in 2021, while gaining 56% more download requests. Hundreds of companies used it to digitize internal workflows, particularly those designed to engage prospects and close deals. Now top-ranked twice in a row, our Custom CRM template helps businesses build strong relationships with leads and manage their sales pipeline. Take advantage of dynamic dashboards, real-time reports and other customizable interfaces to energize your sales performance in 2022.

Kick Off 2022 With Caspio Applications

For most, the past two years exposed digitization vulnerabilities across the organization. Don’t fall behind — now is the time to shift your digital initiatives into high gear and leverage new tools and technologies to grow your business. Start by browsing our catalog of free app templates!

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