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Contact Management Software

Design Your Contact Management System

Want a simple yet scalable contact management system to handle your rapidly growing customer base? Build the foundation you need, customized for your unique business, with Caspio’s FREE contact management app!


Store and manage all your valuable business contacts in a secure cloud environment. This ready-made template serves as an easy-to-use app that can host unlimited users. Requires only 9 DataPages.

Live App Preview

Standard Features

  • Embed the “contact us” form anywhere on your website, as many times as you want.
  • Give any number of employees access to the contact management database.
  • Manage follow-up dates, enter notes, and update the status for each contact.
  • View scheduled follow-ups on a calendar report.
  • Maintains history and contact logs for each contact.
  • Export data at any time.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize forms and reports to your exact needs.
  • Localize the “contact us” form in any language.
  • Enhance the application and turn it into a full-featured CRM.

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