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Caspio is the world’s trusted no-code platform that empowers everyone — from citizen developers to full-time programmers — to build online database applications. A no-code pioneer since 2000, Caspio provides a scalable cloud database, an intuitive visual app builder and a flexible deployment model.

And unlike most vendors in the space, Caspio allows unlimited app users and creators at no extra charge, enabling you to truly democratize software development in your organization. Pure-play and privately funded, we focus on our customers instead of dealing with pressure from external stakeholders.

How Caspio Outperforms the Competition

See for yourself why Caspio is the best database application builder on the market today.

Betty Blocks
Per-User Pricing UNLIMITED USERS $420/user/year
Minimum of 20 users
Depending on plan
Sold in packs
of 100 internal and 1,000 external users
Infrastructure Microsoft SQL Server
Certified Gold Partner

Amazon Web Services
Advanced Technology Partner
Multiple subprocessors and subcontractors Google Cloud Microsoft Azure
Database Flexible, enterprise-grade database Limited data import functions Relies on cloud storage provider Does not feature a true database
Code Extensibility Standards-based coding
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Excel expressions
  • SQL script
  • Built-in functions
Proprietary code Limited expressions inspired by Excel and Google Sheets
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • TypeScript and React
Compliance GDPR, HIPAA,
PCI DSS Level 1,
FERPA, FIPS 140-22
Limited compliance Limited compliance Limited compliance
Deployment Embed anywhere Internal deployment Via URL and manual manipulation of iFrame code Internal deployment
Support Tickets, phone calls, live chat
(Offers 24/7 support)
Support tickets
(Add-on fees required for 24/7 support)
Requires ‘Pro’ or ‘Business’ plan for email support, ‘Business’ plan for live chat Support tickets, live chat and phone support based on paid tier

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You Won’t Find a Better Alternative to Caspio

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