Sales leads are the lifeblood of any business and generating high quality leads is essential to an organization’s success. Every company has its own formula, but smart businesses build custom applications that allow them to process all their valuable data to generate the best leads. A custom lead generating app enables companies to accelerate their speed-to-revenue and leave their competitors in the dust.

Create a Custom Lead Generating App Without Coding

Caspio, a low-code application development platform, allows business professionals without coding experience to build powerful custom applications that generate great sales leads. The all-in-one platform combines a powerful online database, a visual point-and-click application builder and scalable cloud infrastructure to provide everything you need to capture data, share information and automate business processes.

This is what consulting firm Integrated Marketing Bureau discovered when they used Caspio to build an application that stores and records industry-specific data sets that enabled them to generate excellent sales leads for their clients.

Explore how Caspio can also help you meet your unique lead generation goals.

How To Build a Successful Lead Generating App

Using a low-code platform like Caspio, you’ll be building that great lead generating app in no time. To get you started, we came up with 5 helpful tips to building your lead generating app:

1. Customize your web forms to convert on key landing pages.

Every landing page needs a web form to capture leads, so it’s good practice to present your visitors with a variety of forms and identify the one with the best conversion. Fortunately, Caspio gives you a high degree of control over the look of your forms allowing you to determine the best way to optimize your landing pages for conversions.

2. Deploy forms across different web properties.

Caspio’s unique embed anywhere deployment allows you to deploy web forms seamlessly on multiple pages across different web assets, including landing pages, blogs and Facebook pages. All you need to do is copy the snippet of the deploy code and paste it exactly where you want the form to appear.

3. Personalize follow-up emails based on lead capture.

Once a lead signs up on your web form, you’ll be able to automate email replies sent on your behalf. Caspio allows you to fully customize your replies, giving you the power to personalize any element by entering text and inserting dynamic fields from the form itself.

4. Tailor your CRM to your business processes.

A custom CRM may be ideal depending on the workflow you have in mind. With Caspio, you’ll be able to create a highly-customized CRM application tailored to your business needs or integrate Caspio applications with your existing CRM solution.

5. Analyze data from your lead generating app regularly.

There are many ways to gain insights from your lead generation applications using Caspio’s reporting features. Translate your data into rich visualizations and create interactive reports including dashboards, business process workflows, ad hoc search, custom filtering and data summaries such as pivot tables. You’ll also be able to import your data from Caspio to external websites and cloud drives like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Box.

Ready to start hitting your revenue goals? Then what are you waiting for? Sign up with Caspio now and get started for free.

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