There are a very few partnerships in pop culture as dynamic as Captain James T. Kirk and his science officer Commander Spock. When Captain Kirk leads the USS Enterprise, he unfailingly relies on his loyal first officer Spock for advice. Captain Kirk’s intuition paired with Spock’s logic is a formidable combination for solving the myriad of challenges that come their way.

Like exploring the galaxy on the USS Enterprise, growing a small company is a challenging journey that requires both logic and intuition to succeed. This is what John Gordon-Reid discovered as CEO of Curiosity Learning. Curiosity Learning is a powerful online learning tool that envisions lessons as a voyage through history. Gordon-Reid was our guest during our recent Professional Services Webinar, where he talked about how Caspio became the Spock to his Kirk — the perfect partner to accelerate the growth of his organization.

Check out the video of the webinar below:

Gordon-Reid and his business partner originally conceptualized their lessons as study guides that could be downloaded from their website and printed offline. However, they realized that their vision required the development of a huge database with millions of possible journeys for students to choose from. Caspio came into the picture at the most opportune time.

“What I found when working with Caspio is that there is a very clear project statement of work from day one. This gave us a good benchmark as we’ve moved to the development phase,” shared Gordon-Reid. “The monthly fees were also very clear and easy to budget.”

“Without Caspio, I might still be on the phone trying to find a database company to work with,” he added.

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At the heart of Curiosity Learning’s platform is the work of Caspio’s talented Professional Services team. Caspio Professional Services is composed of database and compliance experts, user interface design masters, application architecture and data migration engineers who customize applications at the database level. They have a stellar reputation for quickly delivering future-proofed applications that are built specifically for your business needs.

The Caspio Professional Services Team has allowed companies in over 100 countries worldwide to transform their ideas and problems into online database applications that bring real-world solutions. This experienced and highly-skilled team is capable of designing, developing, deploying and maintaining complex custom business applications on time, on spec and under budget.

Securing Caspio Professional Services to accelerate the development of his application also allowed Gordon-Reid to dedicate more time to the needs of his students. “With Caspio, I now spend my time thinking about how to better engage with children to enhance their learning experience rather than worry about how much extra code is needed for how much extra functionality,” said Gordon-Reid.

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