Revamping a legacy website, and its associated databases, isn’t easy. That’s what ISU Insurance Agency Network found out when they undertook a massive website overhaul project with the goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for its members.

One of the top independent insurance brokers in the United States, with over 10,000 employees in 200 offices across the country, ISU wanted to make it easier for its members to access policy and risk data through a password-protected area of their website. It needed to be secure, robust and integrated with existing data and systems.

What’s more, ISU’s management team gave their VP of Operations, Javier Hernandez, a very tight deadline to complete the project. He had to find the best solution as fast as possible. That’s when he discovered Caspio.

Using Caspio’s low-code application development platform, Hernandez built a scalable, secure and versatile web database quickly and easily. Despite his limited programming skills, Hernandez developed searchable online reports that replaced the spreadsheets that ISU previously used. More importantly, Caspio helped Hernandez save precious time because they were able to roll out their new website almost immediately.

The success of the website re-launch filled Hernandez with a sense of pride and accomplishment. “Not only is the management team happy, the end users are very pleased about it too,” Hernandez shared.

Impressed with the overall outcome, Hernandez recommends Caspio as the perfect partner in delivering quick and cost-effective modern database applications for any business.

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