Roller coasters are the highlight of every amusement park experience. Picture yourself getting strapped in a seat. The ride slowly takes off. You hear the gears click and you begin to incline as the ride climbs up to the peak. You know what’s about to come, so you hold your breath. You get that spine-tingling sensation just before gravity suddenly takes hold and you start falling fast. Then the ride comes to a full stop. You’re on an adrenaline high and you want to do it all over again.

Behind these exciting rides are companies like S&S Worldwide, which builds roller coasters and other amusement park rides across the globe. People at S&S Worldwide, like Applications Specialist Paola Deininger, work hard to guarantee that their rides are safe and meet the stringent regulatory standards of the industry.

The Uphill Climb

Making sure that these roller coasters always run smoothly isn’t an easy job. Whenever a roller coaster had a reported issue, it had to be addressed immediately and Deininger was tasked to automate their maintenance request process around the world.

However, Deininger had no experience in coding. Much like roller coaster rides, building applications for the first time can be scary. She was intimidated by the challenge.

“I have zero coding experience, or any IT experience for that matter. Caspio helped me fine-tune our application to function in ways that I never imagined it could,” said Deininger.

The Propulsion to Success

Having discovered Caspio, Deininger used its powerful database features to merge all of S&S Worldwide’s data into a standardized online database that their employees could access from different office locations around the world.

Using the Caspio platform, Deininger was able to streamline their workflows, making it faster for her team to process reports and requests in real-time, thus improving their work dramatically.

More Rides, More Fun, More Revenue

Prior to adopting Caspio, S&S Worldwide could only produce a limited number of rides. Because of the delays that their old systems caused, engineering roller coasters and other amusement park rides often took a long time. Caspio enabled S&S to make their workflows more efficient, which in turn helped them design new rides a lot more quickly.

“Now that Caspio has taken our business up the level and streamlined our systems, we’re actually able to design and move through the process of engineering a ride much faster, which in result, turns into more rides sold each year,” Deininger said.

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