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Create Web Forms Online

Web forms are the basis of most web applications. Web forms can be used to capture new data, edit existing data, or search for records to display. Caspio web forms are built from the ground up on an online database platform, so no complicated database integration is necessary. The moment you're satisfied with how your web forms look, you can deploy them to your site and start using them. In addition to basic form fields, Caspio provides interactive widgets based on JavaScript and AJAX you can use to help users complete your forms quickly and efficiently.

Key Web Form Features:

  • Support for all form elements including text, text area, dropdown, list box, checkbox and more.
  • Full support for file upload, download, and display.
  • Ability to resize images files on the fly to reduce storage and achieve faster downloads for image display.
  • Multi-column forms and ability to create multi-page forms.
  • Cascading conditional fields, where after selecting the first dropdown, the choices in the next dropdown are shown.
  • Calendar popup for date fields.
  • CAPTCHA human verification, plus voice CAPTCHA for the visually impaired, to prevent spam submissions.
  • Ability to generate randomized passwords, records IDs, capture URL and more.
  • Ability to generate fully customizable emails and send to pre-determined emails (notifications) or to an email address from the form submission (acknowledgement messages).
  • Ability to timestamp submissions or stamp changes in password-protected forms as an audit trail containing the username.
  • For update forms, the ability to select which fields are updatable, which fields are read only, and which fields are off limits.
  • Record Level Security lets you limit access to specific records so only specific users or user groups can update records. So beyond requiring simple authentication, you can restrict access to sensitive records on a user-by-user basis.
  • Ability to pre-fill form fields by values passed to the form from another screen.
  • Online Help provides videos and step-by-step articles to learn about these and more features.

Web Forms for Any Purpose

Caspio provides all the tools you need to create powerful web forms for any business purpose: customer contact forms, sales lead capture forms, event registration forms, and member profile forms, among many others. Create multi-page forms and Web 2.0 effects with nothing more than basic web design skills. Caspio wizards make it easy to add sophisticated features and follow best practices in web form conversion.  Design forms quickly and publish them instantly, without coding or complex database configuration.