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"An entry-level tool for
small projects"

  • Unlimited Users
  • 3 DataPages
  • Core Features
  • Community Support
  • Choice of Data Center

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$249 / month
"A powerful platform for day-to-day business operations"

  • Unlimited Users
  • 100 DataPages
  • Advanced Features
  • Live Business Support
  • Choice of Data Center 
  • White Labeling
  • Complimentary Consultations
  • API and MS Office Plugin
  • DataHub

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$999 / month
"An advanced platform for mission-critical apps"

  • Unlimited Users
  • 400 DataPages
  • Premium Features
  • VIP Support
  • Choice of Data Center
  • White Labeling
  • Extensive Consultations
  • API and MS Office Plugin
  • Unlimited Extended DataHub
  • Production and Dev Accounts
  • Assigned Account Manager
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • SLA
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Enterprise Offerings

- Dedicated Infrastructure
- HIPAA and Compliance
- On-Premise

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Professional Services

Lacking time or resources? Our team can build your app on-time and on-budget.

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Non-Profit Discount

We offer a 20% discount for non-profits, NGOs, and emerging economies.

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Compare Plan Details Personal Business Corporate
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Monthly Fee

Free $249 $999

Monthly Fee When Paid Annually

Enjoy a 10% discount when paying annually.

N/A $211.65 $849.15


N/A Month-to-month Annual
Key Capabilities


Application user interfaces you can create with Caspio (reusable slots).

3 100 400

App Users

Authenticated or anonymous users of your applications.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Cloud Database

Powerful database built on Microsoft SQL Server. Fast and scalable, easily supporting millions of records per table.

Point-and-Click App Builder

Intuitive app builder eliminates coding with step-by-step wizards that guide you through the app creation process.

Embedded Deployment

Embed apps seamlessly on your own website with just a copy-and-paste of the provided deploy code.

Free Ready-Made App Templates

Access to a library of ready-made apps to use right away or customize for your exact requirements.

Core Features

Data Import and Export

Step-by-step import/export in Microsoft Access, Excel, CSV and XML formats. See Integration Capabilities for DataHub scheduled import/export tasks.


Unlimited tables with up to 200 fields and up to 2 million records per table. All standard data types are available, plus several special data types.

Views and Relationships

Data queries and various join types. Parent-child, one-to-one, and one-to-many relationships with or without referential integrity.

Web Forms

Web forms of all sizes, complexity, and layouts for submitting new data or modifying existing data. Includes conditional fields for dynamic form behavior.


Ad-hoc reports with interactive search or pre-defined criteria. Support for various layouts including tabular, grid, list, charts, calendars, etc.

Images and Files

Upload, download, display and manage files and images in your tables and your applications.


Choose from several professional styles or create your own custom styles without coding.


One-click app localization to 12 languages, plus the ability to set new languages and local formatting for dates, numbers, and currency.


Ability to mashup data with Google maps.

Mobile Web

Apps are automatically compatible with mobile devices. Plus, our Mobile Kit helps you achieve a native look-and-feel.

Advanced Features

White Labeling

Removes branding from Caspio-powered applications.

Image Resizer

Automatically generates smaller versions of uploaded images so they load faster and require less data transfer.

Calculations, Aggregation and Grouping

Takes your reports to a new level with calculations, grouping, and aggregation such as totals and averages.

Distance Search

Lets your users search and sort address-centric data based on proximity.

SEO Deployment

Advanced deployment technology allows search engines to index your database for free organic traffic.


Users connect to your apps through social login (such as Twitter or Google) so you can capture demographic information, auto-fill registration forms, and more.

Import Update

Ability to selectively update changed records during a data import, either on-demand or through Caspio DataHub.

FileStor CDN

Moves your frequently-accessed public files to a cloud disk with abundant storage and free unlimited data transfer.

Caspio Account Admins and Privileges

Account Admins

Staff members authorized to log into Caspio Bridge to create and manage applications.

1 5 10

User-Level Permission Management

Object (tables, views, DataPages, etc.) permissions specific to each account user.

Group-Level Permission Management

Object (tables, views, DataPages, etc.) permissions specific to groups of users.

Caspio Support and Services

Community Support

Post questions on staff-monitored Community Forum. Response times are not guaranteed.

Business Support

Live support via phone, chat, email and tickets from 7AM to 5PM Pacific Time.

Complimentary Expert Sessions

Use for project consultation, expert advice, private training, etc.

2 hours 6 hours

Professional Services

Custom development services based on your specific project requirements. Request a quote.

VIP Support

Priority response times, additional consultation hours, assigned technical account manager, and more. See details.

24/7 Emergency Support

Allows VIP Support customers to contact Caspio outside of normal business hours for issues that affect the operation of deployed applications.

Contact Us

Service Level Agreement

Performance and uptime guarantees for all your accounts.

Application User Management

User Authentication

Number of password protection rules based on your own user tables.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

App User Roles

Number of roles in your applications with corresponding homepages.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Role-Based App Homepages

Designate a different default homepage for each user type.

Password Reset DataPage

Custom self-service capability for your app users to reset lost passwords.

Record Level Security

For multi-user apps where each user is authorized see or edit certain records.

Single Sign-On with ID Services

App login option with Google ID, Twitter ID or Open ID.

Integration Capabilities

Web Parameters

Pass and receive parameters in your apps via query string values.

HTML/JavaScript Code Segments

Support for custom code segments within DataPages.

Plugin for Microsoft Office

Adds a Caspio menu in Excel and Access for instant access to online data from your Microsoft Office programs (Windows only).


Access data via our Web Services API using any programming or scripting language.

DataHub Scheduled Import and Export

Scheduled import/export tasks between Caspio and websites, FTP, and email. Extended DataHub integrates with Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Standard Extended
Premium Features

Production and Development Accounts

Two distinct Caspio Bridge accounts to separate your development projects from your live applications.

User Access Logs

Tracks users logging into your authenticated apps, including failed login attempts and password resets.

DataPage Revisions History

Stores older versions of your forms and reports in case you need to revert back.

PDF Reports

Generates a PDF version of tabular reports.

Payment Integration

Processes credit card payments via PayPal or Authorize.NET.

Monthly Resources

Data Transfer

Caspio pricing is primarily based on usage defined by monthly data transfer. See the FAQ for details.

250 MB
~20,000 submissions
1 GB
~80,000 submissions
4 GB
~320,000 submissions

Database Storage

Space for your data and table-based files.

500 MB
~30,000 records
7.5 GB
~4.5 million records
15 GB
~9 million records


App-driven notification and acknowledgement emails.

100 5,000 20,000

API Transactions

Number of monthly API calls accessing your account.

N/A 10,000 1 million

Add-On Resources

Customers with Business and Corporate accounts can easily customize their account resources at any time using the Change Plan option inside Caspio Bridge. If you happen to approach your resource limits during any given month, you will receive a courtesy email so you can add more resources if needed. View Add-Ons


Read the Pricing FAQ for more information and contact Caspio Sales for assistance.

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