Caspio Discount Program

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Get 20% Discount on Your Plan

We are proud to offer a 20% discount on your Caspio plan if your organization meets one of the following requirements:

  • Non-profit: Non-profits and NGOs with tax-exempt status from their government.
  • Education: Publically funded educational entities worldwide.
  • Emerging economies: Commercial and non-commercial organizations with both a physical and billing address in an emerging economy listed below. Organizations with operations in multiple countries are not eligible.

The resources of your discounted Caspio account must be used exclusively to power internal applications or applications deployed on your organization’s official website.

Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer, including promotions or advanced-pay plans.

Organization Type Qualification
Non-profits and NGOs Discount granted only if publishing to the organization’s official websites. A government issued tax-exempt status certificate is required.
Educational entities and students Discount granted only if organization is public-funded and apps are published to the organization’s official websites.
Emerging economies

Discount granted to organizations with both a physical and billing address in a qualifying developing country from the list below.*


*Excludes organizations with offices in multiple countries.