Caspio Low-Code Application Platform

High Productivity for the Enterprise

Many IT innovations have become essential to improving business processes. One such advancement is the use of low-code platforms. This technology diminishes the restrictions of the slow and expensive process of software development by giving business professionals the capability to materialize their ideas and solutions without the help of IT specialists.

As a result, corporate performance can be improved significantly in a short period of time and at a lower cost. A well-organized Business Process Management (BPM) practice that is supported by an effective and secure application platform can make your enterprise more agile, allowing you to react quickly and take advantage of market opportunities. Caspio helps you achieve this by providing a low-code platform for creating applications that empower your employees to execute on day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

What Exactly is a Low-Code Platform?

Often, it’s the business users who are closest to the problem – not IT – who drive innovation with creative ideas and real solutions to problems. But because they are limited with a lack of technical skills, they require the help of IT experts.

A low-code platform is an easy-to-use solution that simplifies the application development process by providing visual tools for designing application interfaces. Because it does not require much coding, a low-code platform can be easily utilized by business professionals, minimizing the need for IT assistance. Caspio’s low-code platform was first released in 2001 and since then we have gained extensive experience helping customers create enterprise-grade applications and deploy them at a large scale. The platform empowers business professionals to take an active role in quickly building and deploying solutions – freeing up IT to focus on more complex development work and high-value projects.

Using Caspio, many areas of application development and management are achieved through low- or no-code methods, such as:

  • User interface and user experience design and creation
  • Data analysis reporting and visualizations
  • Logic, criteria, and filtering
  • App roles and authentication
  • Advanced data import and export rules
  • Integration with other apps and systems

Rapid App Development Using Point-and-Click Tools

Caspio’s low-code platform provides step-by-step workflows for most application authoring processes. Unlike drag-and-drop tools, where there is no clear beginning or end, the point-and-click tools efficiently walk the user through each step and decision point at the right time and within context.

Caspio balances speed of execution with highly sophisticated capabilities. For example, in no more than 20 minutes, you can connect your Caspio application with your internal corporate directory (such as Microsoft Active Directory) and achieve single sign-on integration. Or, add an interactive ad-hoc pivot table report to an existing application in only 10 minutes. With time-to-market like this, there is no comparison to traditional development.

Standards-Based Coding

When it comes to coding, Caspio uses standard languages that are already familiar to a large pool of talented IT specialists. We believe that introducing a new language will only burden your developers and hinder them from working on tasks right away.

That is why coding around Caspio is done using SQL, JavaScript, CSS, or the programming language of your choice using our SOAP or REST API. Because Caspio’s low-code platform uses standard coding languages, it can easily be integrated with your existing solutions and other SaaS providers. Many integrations are built-in. For example, you can move your data in and out of your Caspio account to popular online storage services, such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, and more. Caspio also supports authentication via SAML, Active Directory, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. It takes only one click to utilize Amazon CloudFront CDN, and through our integration with Zapier, Caspio is ready to be connected to hundreds of other services.

How Much Productivity is Gained?

Caspio customers are outspoken about their results. The impact of a low-code platform for your enterprise is so vast that it may be hard to quantify. With Caspio, you gain the ability to experiment with ideas without risk. Application ideas that have been on the shelf for years can re-emerge and get implemented this time.

Tech-savvy business can use Caspio’s visual tools to create, deploy and operate no-code applications, which comprise about 80% of all Caspio-powered applications. An iterative methodology can be used to improve applications soon after they are rolled out. Market opportunities can be seized before they evaporate. All of these can be achieved without requiring top development talent – IT experts may only need to be brought in for complex integrations or custom workflows (or alternatively hire Caspio Professional Services if internal resources are not available).