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Convert Excel Spreadsheets into Web Database Applications

No matter what field of business you work in, you have probably suffered from Excel Chaos. Many professionals use Microsoft Excel to organize their data and share it with others by emailing Excel files to each other.

While this practice can be convenient at small scale, it can easily result in corrupted, compromised, and confusing data, costing the company enormous time and money and lead executives to make incorrect decisions. Excel Chaos can be detrimental to an organization in several ways. An inbox full of Excel files can make it difficult to know which file contains the latest updates.

This confusion can keep decision-makers from having access to the most recent information. Updates to the data by multiple people can be extremely hard to reconcile and highly prone to errors. Additionally, Excel spreadsheets attached to emails can inadvertently or intentionally be sent to unauthorized people, compromising your company’s valuable assets.

Excel is not a Database

Putting data into Excel is easy, but when it comes down to it, Excel is not a database. It does not have the concept of data types, and cannot properly or easily enforce data validation.

It cannot associate files and images with records. It is not multi-user. It is easy to accidentally sort data incorrectly, and end up with scrambled data. There is no row-level security, and no way to create a relationship with another set of data. Replacing your Excel spreadsheets with a centralized web database would greatly simplify this situation. With Caspio, you can easily automate data collection, updates, and distribution through secure and interactive web database applications. Caspio is built on the highly-scalable Microsoft SQL Server, and can effortlessly handle databases of virtually any size with any number of users.

Build Database Applications Without Coding

Most importantly, you don’t need to be a developer to use Caspio. Caspio is designed for business professionals, and provides a point-and-click interface for creating database applications with ease.

  • Import Data from Excel: Easily import data into your Caspio account in various formats including Excel Workbooks, comma-separated values (CSV), delimited text, fixed-width text, Microsoft Access, and XML.
  • Generate Interactive Web-Based Reports: Once you import your data into Caspio, the point-and-click wizards will guide you through the process of creating real-time reports for deployment to your website.
  • Create Forms for Data Submissions and Edits: With Caspio, you can easily create web forms for inserting new data or updating existing information.
  • Manage User Access and Permissions: Caspio provides a powerful and flexible authentication system that enables you to password-protect your data, and to set up role-based access for every application, or even every record. With security for each individual record, different users can only view and modify what you want them to.
  • Create Dashboards for Real-Time Tracking and Insights: Create business intelligence dashboards by combining relevant charts and reports on one page.
  • Deploy Anywhere, Access Anywhere: Your Caspio applications can be embedded on any intranet, website, or mobile site, allowing you 24/7 access to your application from any computer or device, anywhere in the world.

Create Simple and Efficient Workflows

Importing static Excel files into Caspio not only eliminates the Excel chaos, but also helps create efficient workflows for better business processes.

  • Up-to-Date Information: Any changes to data are instantly available to all authorized users.
  • Leverage Excel for its Strength: Use Caspio’s Plugin for Microsoft Office to link Excel to your online data. The main copy of your data will always be in your Caspio database, but the local copy can be refreshed automatically.
  • Keep Everyone Informed: Set up email alerts to notify users if new data has been added, or if existing data has been modified.
  • Your Data is Secure: Caspio runs on Amazon infrastructure and offers SSL data encryption, password protection and record-level security (RLS). Our compliance edition includes additional security measures.

See Caspio in Action

Watch our 5-part ultimate video guide on how to convert Excel spreadsheets to web apps without coding.

FAQs: Your Excel to Web Questions Answered

Is Excel a database?

No, Excel lacks the core features of a true database. The popular Microsoft tool does not enforce enough data integrity to maintain accuracy, consistency and reliability when managing structured information. Excel has limited features for implementing data types, data validation and simultaneous multi-user access, among other critical functionalities organizations need in today’s digital landscape.

How do you convert Excel to a database?

Upload any Excel file from your local device into the Caspio platform. Then, configure your data types and table relationships using Caspio’s point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.

How do I move Excel sheets online?

Use Caspio’s powerful import tools to upload your existing Excel sheets and .CSV files to the cloud. Caspio also allows MS Access database migration, making it the most flexible tool for moving on-prem databases to the cloud.

Can I create an app using my Excel sheets?

Yes, you can create an app using your existing Excel spreadsheets. Simply import your Excel files into Caspio and use our intuitive visual app builder to create powerful, database-driven web apps. Easily build dashboards, expense reporting tools, calculators, invoice processing apps and more — no coding required!

How do you convert Excel to a web application?

After signing up for a free Caspio trial and logging into your account, select the option to import your existing Excel spreadsheets when creating a new app. Caspio’s point-and-click tools will guide you along our no-code development process, from table configuration to user authentication, building web interfaces and publishing apps online.

How do I embed Excel into a website?

By converting your Excel sheets to Caspio web applications, you’ll gain the ability to embed them on any website, intranet, portal or CMS. Simply copy our auto-generated deploy code and paste it on your site — similar to how you embed YouTube videos.