Digitizing your company’s business processes and going paperless may seem like a big challenge, especially if you feel that your organization doesn’t have enough physical or technical resources to enable the transition. Fortunately, a good no-code platform and a couple of online resources are all you need to go paperless.

Go paperless by building custom business applications without coding!

To get you started, we’ve gathered five useful apps that are easy to build and allow you to quickly transition your processes and future-proof your organization.

1. Go Paperless With Online Submission Forms

It’s strange that online submission forms are so underrated because the information you’ll be able to gather from these forms is limitless. You’ll be able to build forms for registrations, applications, feedback and appointments. A good example of how an organization took advantage of custom-built online forms is the case of Nightingale Home Healthcare. With offices spread across different locations in different States, Nightingale struggled to manage its growing mobile workforce and needed a viable platform to build submission forms that streamline its process. Its Web and Art Director Rajesh Relan stumbled upon Caspio and never looked back. Using custom submission forms, Nightingale became one of the pioneers in going paperless within the home healthcare sector.

2. Ditch Paper Files with a Custom CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an integral part of running a successful business. Utilizing a custom cloud CRM system is an efficient and effective approach to guiding customers through the sales funnel, which is essential for generating revenues. Greg Coiro, CEO of Direct Line Cruises, didn’t have a programming background. However, he was able to create a CRM system that enabled his travel business to grow substantially in just a couple of years.

3. Build an Online Sales and Inventory Tracker

Tired of using ledgers to track your inventory? Create a custom online sales and inventory tracker that generates rich charts and graphs that allow you to visualize data. This way, you’ll be able to monitor and evaluate the performance of products or services from different locations. Building and deploying a custom online sales and inventory tracker is what enabled Hammacher Schlemmer, America’s oldest catalog, to transform their business and digitize their processes.

4. Find Great Sales Leads With a Lead Generation App

Manually gathering relevant insights from market research is slow, painstaking and prone to errors. This is where cloud lead generation apps are helpful. Integrated Marketing Bureau (IMB) founder Rupert Honywood realized that all IMB needed was to create a custom lead generation app that augmented his successful “social selling blueprint”—  a unique formula that combined industry insights, financial data and customer profiles to assist his clients in generating great sales leads.

5. Streamline Workflows With a Project Management Platform

The seamless operation of a global organization requires a centralized online database that simplifies processes, generates reports and processes requests faster and more efficiently. A good example of this is when roller coaster manufacturing firm S&S Worldwide streamlined their workflow using a standardized online database where its employees could submit reports and requests in real-time.

Want to know more on how your office could go paperless? Schedule a demo with one of our experts and start building your own apps today!

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