Improve the speed and performance of your Caspio applications with the new features released in Caspio 13.0. Our latest release includes AJAX loading, which allows users to easily interact with your applications without reloading the entire webpage. Your app users will also have the ability to view real-time calculations in submission forms and download reports in PDF format.

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Check out this quick demo of the new features::

AJAX Loading for Improved App Performance

A new feature in this update is AJAX loading for all DataPages, which dramatically improves the overall performance of your Caspio apps. This capability allows you to immediately see data updates and interactions without having to reload the entire webpage. For example, a dashboard application that displays multiple DataPages will automatically refresh when app users submit new data.

By default, this feature will be automatically enabled for all new applications you create but must be switched on for pre-existing applications.

Calculated Values in Forms

Calculated Values is a feature that displays dynamic calculations as app users interact with submission forms. This feature makes it easy to create applications that require real-time computations, such as financial calculators, order forms, rate schedules and various types of custom data analysis.

PDF Report Downloads

This new feature allows your app users to download reports in a PDF format. You’ll be able to configure the display settings of the PDF document, including header/footer, margins, page breaks and more. Additionally, you can enable multiple download formats in your apps so your app users can choose their preferred download format between Excel, CSV or PDF.

Be sure to read more about Caspio 13.0 in the release notes. Better yet, take a deeper dive by signing up for our live demo on Thursday, August 9 at 10AM and 2PM.

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