Every mountaineer dreams about summiting Mt. Everest. However, at 29,000 feet, summiting Everest is a unique and dangerous feat that requires many years of training and experience. Even veteran mountaineers need to muster every ounce of skill and knowledge to not only reach the peak but also safely descend back to base camp. It’s no surprise that Everest is considered mountaineering’s ultimate challenge.

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While the mountaineers who attempt Everest are among the world’s most experienced, the unsung heroes of every Everest expedition are people known as Sherpas. Sherpas are locals who live in the Himalayas and have inhabited the vicinity of Everest for hundreds of years. Since they are very familiar with the harsh mountain landscape, Sherpas are indispensable as guides and instrumental in assisting expeditions to the summit. While mountaineers concentrate on the challenges of acclimatizing to altitude and managing their equipment, Sherpas maintain rope lines, carry equipment and clean debris. Freed from the distraction of these tasks, mountaineers are able to completely focus on their goal of reaching Everest’s peak.

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The summit of Mt. Everest in the Himalayas.

IT Professionals: The Mountaineers of Technology

In business, IT professionals and developers are like the mountaineers who summit Everest. Like these mountaineers, IT professionals are highly-skilled and possess years of training and experience in technology. They look for unique and high-level challenges that is commensurate to their skill and experience. However, they are too often bogged down by tedious tasks and responsibilities that could otherwise be streamlined.

No-code rapid application development tools like Caspio are the Sherpas that help developers speed up the development process by eliminating the need to code. This accelerates the application development process and ultimately frees developers to face their summit challenges – something David Emerson discovered when his company, SiteRocket Labs, used Caspio’s no-code platform to develop HIPAA-complaint healthcare apps for their clients. Emerson is a seasoned developer and his team is composed of skilled coders. Still, Caspio enables them to dramatically cut development time by over 60%.

Emerson isn’t alone in recognizing the benefits of no-code rapid application development tools to IT professionals. A survey reveals that 56% of IT professionals expect more organizations to use no-code platforms for rapid application delivery to address unique IT challenges such as long development cycles, meeting evolving end-user demands and increasing productivity while staying within budget.

The Challenge of Innovation

A study by Harvard Business Review shows that CEOs are increasingly looking to their CIOs to drive innovation and transformation within their organization. However, this increased emphasis on visibility severely impacts the availability of IT resources for other teams. This is compounded by the fact that one in every three American workers is not proficient enough in the technology that is required for his or her job. What’s more, four out of ten companies suffer from moderate to major IT skills gap.

Developers and other IT professionals need to spend more innovating, but that gives them less time to develop vital applications for other business units. Fortunately, no-code rapid application development tools give anyone the ability to create sophisticated applications that are tailored to their needs. By using visual point-and-click wizards, business professionals are able to build applications themselves – even if they don’t have any experience in coding. This frees IT professionals to spend their time on more complicated challenges and high-level tasks.

In fact, a survey shows that IT professionals experts are embracing this trend towards “citizen developers” and foresee working side-by-side with them to improve efficiencies using no-code platforms.

Finding New Heights With No-Code Rapid Application Development Tools

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first person in history to reach the summit of Everest. Following closely behind him was Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa who assisted in the exhibition and allowed Hillary to summit first. Though Hillary went on record as the first person to overcome mountaineering’s toughest challenge, he gave all the credit to Tenzing Norgay when he declared: “I have never regarded myself as a hero, but Tenzing undoubtedly was.”

No-code rapid application development tools allow IT professionals to reach new heights and solve their organizations toughest challenges. A platform like Caspio may mean the difference between summiting your own Everest or retreating back to base camp.

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