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PBS Station Creates Auction App in One Hour with Caspio Platform

Every year, the New Orleans Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), WLAE, televises a fundraising event where donated private school tuitions are put up for auction. The public can place bids on tuitions for private elementary schools, high schools, and colleges to...

Startup Feedback911 Brings a Unique Feedback Application to Restaurants

Have an idea for an app that's unique to the market? If so, this showcase is for you. Over dinner with some friends in the restaurant business, entrepreneur Kadhir Samuelraj was surprised to hear that so many restaurants lack tools to manage customer feedback...

Lean Business Through a Custom Apps Platform

If your company is not competing worldwide, you are working for a company that is increasingly an exception to the rule. Businesses today find themselves competing directly or indirectly with companies thousands of miles away that operate within entirely diffe...

Vote for the Oscars – Contest App Created by The Boston Globe

If you wish you could vote like members of the Academy, or at least get rewarded for your movie wisdom, here is your chance. The Boston Globe created the Best of Hollywood Contest so the general public could submit their own Oscar predictions. Powered by Caspi...

10 Tasks for Managing Your Applications with Regular Checkups

You have built your application and rolled it out to your users. Everyone is happy. Now what? Do you know what you need to do to take care of your web applications for the long-term? The nice thing about a cloud platform like Caspio is that maintenance tasks s...

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Rainn Wilson Supports Caspio-Sponsored Fundraiser

Last October, Caspio announced its partnership with Mona Foundation with the goal to sponsor 50 children to attend the ADCAM school in the Amazon, Brazil. We're excited to report that we have achieved our goal! So far, we have contributed over $15,000 thanks t...

Online Media Spread Cheer with Holiday Apps

December wouldn't be the same without holiday lights, presents, and ... web applications? Every year many of Caspio's online media customers create interactive applications for holiday event calendars, TV listings, Santa finders, Christmas carol showdowns, and...

Comparing Cloud Database Services

Online database technology is in high demand. Why? It easily allows companies storage and access to data without requiring specific knowledge about the physical system that delivers the service. Data can be accessed from anywhere and the amount of storage can ...

Rely on Caspio’s Experts for Custom Web Application Development

Building a complex custom application? Short on time or manpower? Caspio Professional Services can help you complete your project on time and on budget. Our team builds custom web applications for companies like Whirlpool, ESPN, and ABC News every day. In fact...

Nonprofits Overcome Cutbacks with Cloud Database Apps

Nonprofits are facing major challenges in today’s economy. Government funding cuts, limited IT resources, and day-to-day tasks like record keeping, donor management, and community outreach are overwhelming, if not impossible for less-funded organizations. To...

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