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Over dinner with some friends in the restaurant business, entrepreneur Kadhir Samuelraj was surprised to hear that so many restaurants lack tools to manage customer feedback and loyalty.

As a long-time Caspio user, Samuelraj realized he could quickly fill this gap and design a niche online database app for feedback, currently unavailable in the restaurant industry – an analytical tool to help restaurant owners proactively engage patrons, nurture loyal customers, and protect their offline and online reputation.

We wanted to take something very simple, the customer feedback card, and make it very Web 2.0-ish, very proactive.

Kadhir Samuelraj

Feedback911 - Feedback Application Powered by Caspio

When a customer submits feedback, the restaurant owner can quickly send a “thank you”, apology or coupon, and then analyze ratings over time.

Determined to build the app without hiring a team of developers, Samuelraj used Caspio’s database platform to create and power Feedback911.com, launching the company in just two months.

I’m an entrepreneur and certainly can’t pass as a developer. I launched this business after seeing how I can easily make Caspio work the way I want it to. I have built it all myself, with occasional advice from Caspio.

Kadhir Samuelraj

By utilizing the platform-as-a-service with little overhead, Samuelraj was able to focus on marketing the business and integrating with industry partners to offer restaurants full-service online and mobile solutions. For example, integration with DinerConnection.com allows restaurants to send a text message when a table is ready, and Feedback911 sends a follow-up text to patrons after the meal requesting their feedback.

Caspio allows me to stay creative and cutting-edge in my business … It has everything I need to create a successful startup.

Kadhir Samuelraj

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