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Caspio on the Move

We are excited to share that Caspio moved to a new office location last week. Our new offices are in Santa Clara, California, and are much bigger to accommodate our growth. There was no impact to Caspio’s infrastructure or the uptime of your apps and data. T...

Roadmap: Conditional Forms, New Interface, and the Future

As part of our Roadmap blog series, I’d like to share what is keeping our development team busy these days. Currently, we are working on two releases simultaneously. Small Feature Release A small release will be going live in October. This upgrade is primari...

Free App: Feedback System for Your Websites and Blogs

We released a feedback system that can be loaded into any Caspio customer account for free. Visit the App Gallery to learn more and request it for your account. Learning what your customers think about your company, website, product or service is invaluable a...

Caspio Map Mashup Helps Commuters Avoid Traffic Slowdowns

As the newspaper for Monroe County, Pennsylvania, the Pocono Record (part of the Dow Jones Local Media Group) is committed to delivering up-to-date community news. Much of the population commutes to New York City or New Jersey, so traffic information is a vita...

Roadmap: A New Pricing Model

Update on January 17, 2013: We released new pricing plans. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. We are starting a new blog series to share what we are working on here at Caspio, tagged with Road Map so you can easily find the posts. One area...

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Some of our most popular blogs showcase how customers have implemented Caspio to fit a particular need or bring a unique idea to market. We are always happy to hear how organizations of all sizes are using Caspio-powered solutions to transform their business, ...

Startup Distributor Targets Global Film and Music Markets with Custom Product Catalog

With 15 years' sales experience in the film and music distribution industry, Chris Callahan had observed that a high number of independent film and record labels lacked any international distribution despite an apparent market. In 2012, he decided to seize the...

Caspio Roadmap: Infrastructure Migration

You may already be aware that we are migrating our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is an exciting development that makes our IT team very happy. It gives us a lot more flexibility in serving you better. Back in 2009, we established Caspio's p...

Announcing the New and Improved Map Mashup – Version 7

We have just released Caspio Map Mashup version 7. The new mashup is a step-by-step wizard that generates ready-to-deploy code. Many of the frequently requested features are included and can make your maps a lot more interesting and feature-rich. Background If...

Announcing Caspio Ideabox for Your Feature Requests

Last week we launched Caspio Ideabox. This site is a feedback management tool entirely devoted to your enhancement ideas for Caspio. One of the great features of this site is that you can vote on ideas that are already submitted. Your votes and comments help u...

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