We released a feedback system that can be loaded into any Caspio customer account for free. Visit the App Gallery to learn more and request it for your account.

Learning what your customers think about your company, website, product or service is invaluable and helps you make decisions with confidence. Many of your customers would be happy to share their ideas with you if you make it really convenient for them.

A modern way to solicit feedback on your websites is through a tab that appears on the side of all pages. When clicked, a feedback form opens and allows the user to enter their thoughts.

Feedback management

The app template includes the tab image, the feedback form, and a backend reporting and follow-up system. The tab and form can be integrated easily in any website or blog, and you can use them on as many pages and websites as you like. You can collect and store millions of feedback submissions over time. The feedback form automatically captures the page URL so your team can manage feedback segmented by different domains, website sections, products, or service areas.

Nearly everything in this app is customizable. Fields can be changed and the style can match your website or taste.

A unique advantage of a Caspio-powered feedback system is that the data can be incorporated into any other Caspio app such as task management, contacts management, support ticketing system, bug tracking, knowledgebase and more. The result is a more streamlined operation.

The feedback management system is free and available by request. Customers with one of the new Unlimited Pricing Plans can implement the app with few limitations. Only the data transfer incurred by the app goes towards your overall usage. Customers with older packages must ensure their account contains adequate number of unused DataPages before requesting the app. Alternatively, they can convert to one of the new plans.

Visit the App Gallery to view an interactive demo and request the app.

Let us know what you think about this app and what customization ideas you have.

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