Update on January 17, 2013:

We released new pricing plans. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Caspio Roadmap - New Pricing ModelWe are starting a new blog series to share what we are working on here at Caspio, tagged with Road Map so you can easily find the posts.

One area that we are working on right now is a new pricing model, and we are happy to let you know that some exciting new ideas are in the works.

Reflecting the Spirit of Caspio

Our current pricing model with unlimited users and plenty of storage and data transfer has served us and our customers well. We boldly stood behind our philosophy of “unlimited users” since 2000 and will continue to do so in the future. However, we think there is still plenty of room for improvement.

We want the new pricing model to reflect Caspio’s true spirit and ideals. We like to stand for flexibility, awesome service, great technology and abundant resources, all at a fantastic value. We want the pricing to be fair for all levels of usage and highly-scalable for the largest usage. Ultimately, we don’t want to leave any reason for traditional development to be a consideration at all.

Value of Great Support

We are brainstorming about new pricing models that bring forward the role of our friendly, expert technical support to ensure the success of your projects and your personal quality of life. Human resources are the most expensive element in our offering, but articulating its value is not always easy.

We ask ourselves whether we can truly serve the best interest of our customers by offering a cheap service but with no support.

Keeping it Simple

We want the new pricing model to be simple and easy to understand. It’s important for us that someone new to Caspio can look at our pricing and immediately decide the package that makes the most sense for them. It is unfortunate that technical metrics such as data transfer and storage, which can be hard to understand, are a big part of our current and perhaps future model. However, we have not given up on pushing the envelope and trying new ideas.

Free Plan

We are also considering the return of a free level of service. With our recent migration to Amazon Web Services, we are now able to scale our infrastructure at a moment’s notice. This is something we couldn’t do in the past, which forced us to stop our free plan. We think now might be the time to bring it back.

What’s on Your Mind?

No matter how the new pricing shapes up, we also have to make sure that our billing system is ready to handle it. With that, we expect the new pricing to go live in September.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas. We love to hear from you. Use the comment box below or contact me privately via LinkedIn.

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