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Trends Affecting Enterprise IT in 2013 – Part I

Caspio CEO Frank Zamani and I were discussing what we considered to be the biggest trends around PaaS and online databases that would affect the market in the coming year.  So, we decided to write ours out as blog posts – this is installment one (Frank’s ...

Best of the Blog: 2012

As we look forward to an amazing 2013 here at Caspio, I wanted to take a look back and re-visit some of the more popular posts and topics that were popular over the past year. The following posts saw constant traffic even months after their initial posting on ...

Four Application Implementation Pitfalls – and How to Avoid Them

Let's face it. The great idea that you have been thinking to implement with Caspio is not going to get done by itself. Someone has to build the app and deploy it to the web. So what's in between you and the finished work? Well, primarily time. But there are ma...

Lowering Security Risks While Empowering Workers

I just read an interesting study released by Symantec focused on employee attitudes towards cloud apps and services vs. IT attitudes towards these topics. The results were not surprising. Essentially, employees want to harness the power of modern cloud apps an...

Happy Holidays from Caspio!

Happy Holidays! 2012 has been an amazing year at Caspio. We saw continued growth across the board. And, our growth resulted in a move to some shiny new offices. And as we wind down 2012, we are excited about all the great things coming down the pipe from Caspi...

Build Feature-Rich Web Applications Without Coding Get Started For Free

AdvanceKentucky Advances Education in its Region with the Help of Caspio

Caspio has long been a leading provider of web database and app solutions for educational institutions. The ease-of-use, sharable nature of the platform, and the affordability makes it a strong choice for educational organizations of all shapes and sizes. One ...

CIOs: Strike a Balance Between Citizen Developers and Enterprise Architecture

I just read an interesting article on that pits CIOs against "Rogue Developers" (what I prefer to call Citizen Developers) and posits that answer lies in private cloud environments. The article does make a good point: in larger enterprises a balance ...

Will 2013 be the Year of PaaS?

Over the past several weeks, a lot of research and news has come out to suggest that 2013 will be a breakthrough year for platform-as-a-service and cloud apps in all their permutations. A recent analysis report signals a major shift towards PaaS starting in 20...

CIOs: Tap the Power of Caspio on Your Own Terms

In today’s enterprise the responsibilities of the IT department are difficult and complex. SaaS and PaaS solutions offer an alternative for IT departments looking to lower complexity and costs. And, SaaS and PaaS tools are being championed by business users,...

Tech Tip: Generate Geolocation Coordinates from Submission Forms

Note: For these and other Tech Tips - visit our Caspio Online Help page. Every location has a latitude and longitude, also called geocode. If you have a database that contains addresses, having goecodes of the addresses gives you capabilities that are otherwis...

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