Caspio Bridge 8.0 BetaUpdate on 10/31/13: The Caspio 8.0 Beta is now closed. Read the latest updates about the release.

We have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Caspio 8.0 – And you can be one of the first to test drive the new release in our exclusive beta program.

Caspio 8.0 includes a radically redesigned user interface, aimed at streamlining the processes around building, packaging and deploying apps. Plus, many new features in 8.0 increase user productivity and app management. This is a monumental release – and we want your feedback as we roll it out.

To join the program, just fill out the registration form to get put on the list. You will then hear from Caspio in the coming weeks as we release more invitations to log in and start testing.

Caspio Bridge 8.0 Beta

Click the above image to get access to a beta version of Caspio 8.0

As part of the beta program, you will be given an account that runs the beta version of Caspio 8.0. This account will be separate from your regular account (if you have one). You will be expected to try the new release and its latest features to import data, build apps and deploy them. We want to get your feedback about your experience, any bugs that you encounter, and ideas to further improve Caspio.

This is beta software, and as such is not supported or guaranteed in any way. You should not use it for anything other than evaluation and testing. The servers may go up and down without notice, and data and apps may be lost. Beta can not be converted or migrated to a regular Caspio account, and all accounts and their data are deleted once the beta program is over.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a sneak peak before the release.

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