Structured Data in CMS - Caspio Database for CMSThe vast majority of websites run on some sort of content management system (CMS). CMS tools manage the production and publishing of unstructured data such as content pages, documents and media on websites. There are literally hundreds of CMS tools that cover the entire gamut; from free to enterprise-grade, from in-house to cloud-based. There are also many specialized CMS platforms designed for blogging, internal portals, and niche content.

However, working with “structured data” falls outside the scope of most CMS tools. Structured data is organized like a database – positioned in rows and columns and formatted with data types – and is searchable across its various fields. Most CMS tools are not designed to handle structured data, or at least not beyond limited use cases.

At the same time, the demand for publishing interactive structured data on the web is growing. Common examples include:

  • Lists and directories
  • Research data
  • Catalogs and galleries
  • Event calendars
  • Geo-centric apps like a store locator

Caspio’s cloud database is designed to complement your favorite CMS. It provides rich online database functionality and works with all CMS tools and all web and mobile browsers. Its data publishing capabilities have made it the de facto standard among online media, with 80% of the largest American newspapers using Caspio to power large scale databases and apps on their websites.

Caspio offers sophisticated deployment options to integrate database-driven apps with your CMS, no matter how or where it’s hosted.

Embedded Deployment – Our ability to embed databases and apps on your site is unmatched. Your app and all its functionality appear on your website, while Caspio’s database and app engine stay completely behind the scenes. This is not the Frame or iFrame method detested by most web professionals. It’s a seamless embed on your page through a JavaScript deploy code. Although, if you must use an iFrame, we offer that too.

SEO Deployment – This is another advanced deployment method that is unique to Caspio. Whenever your data has potential SEO value, you want to ensure search engines can crawl the data on your site and index it. The JavaScript embed method is fast and elegant but doesn’t give you this benefit, so we engineered SEO-friendly deployment technology that gives your website full credit for its structured data. It’s the best way to gain organic traffic through database publishing.

WordPress Plugin – While it’s not required to use this plugin to embed your apps, it is recommended for better performance and compatibility with other scripts and WordPress plugins.

.Net Deployment – This method is recommended for .Net CMS platforms such as SharePoint, DotNetNuke and Sitecore.

Using Caspio, you have the freedom to deploy structured data on any website, CMS, blog or Facebook page. Why not use the tool that is designed for the task while enjoying the sophisticated database features for your custom apps?

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