We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Caspio Global Sites for new and existing users around the world. You can now choose to host your data and apps on seven data centers located in North America (US and Canada), Europe (Ireland and UK), Australia, South America or India.

We strive to bring industry-leading cloud technology to all our customers, and Global Sites offer two important benefits:

  • Optimized Performance – For the best application speed, your server should be as close to your end users as possible.
  • Regional Data Compliance – Some countries have government regulations that require sensitive data to remain within the region. With Global Sites, Caspio customers in these areas can address data compliance.

All our data centers are operated on Amazon Web Services and there is no difference in platform capabilities or pricing.

Starting immediately, new Caspio users can open a trial and select their preferred site. Existing customers interested to migrate from North America to a new site can contact their account manager for details.

Paragon Customer Testimonial – Free Trial Paragon Customer Testimonial – Free Trial