Caspio has long been a leading provider of web database and app solutions for educational institutions. The ease-of-use, sharable nature of the platform, and the affordability makes it a strong choice for educational organizations of all shapes and sizes. One organization that has taken advantage of all these benefits is AdvanceKentucky.

AdvanceKentucky is a statewide math-science initiative dedicated to helping Kentucky’s students reach new heights in academic achievement. The program has been rolled out among 76 schools in the state, and is growing every year. Through the program, hundreds of teachers and administrators keep rigorous records of student participation and performance in Advanced Placement programs. As the program grew legs, the users and data in the system began to get out of control.

AdvanceKentucky Data Reporting System (DRS) Powered by Caspio.

AdvanceKentucky Data Reporting System (DRS) Powered by Caspio.

After researching many other solutions that did not fit the bill due to complexity or cost, AdvanceKentucky turned to Caspio. The organization quickly realized Caspio could scale to meet their needs easily, and at a cost that was right for them. Now, AdvanceKentucky has a user-friendly cloud-based repository of all the program data that can be easily accesses and updated by all stakeholders.

Today, thanks to Caspio, we have an elegant solution that is limited only by our creativity and time.

Chris Baker
Director of Information Technology
Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation

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