Today we announced that Halifax Media Group has decided to standardize on Caspio for its online database and community-focused, data-driven apps for its 33 news media properties across the southeastern United States. We are thrilled about Halifax building out its existing Caspio environment to include all of its properties, as it is a testament to both the power of Caspio but also to the value of online database apps in the media.

Halifax will be using Caspio to build informative, community-building apps and data sets for its readers across its properties. Many of the company’s news outlets were already using Caspio; and Halifax saw an opportunity to consolidate its app strategy on to one platform. This way, its online news outlets can quickly share and deploy helpful and informative apps built on Caspio in minutes, without added development time or cost.

Halifax Media will be using Caspio to make even more community-focused apps, such as this map mashup showing local police activity.

Thanks to the high scalability, ease-of-use and affordability, the Caspio online database platform has become the standard for media organizations. Even the largest news organizations can publish highly popular databases (such as lists of government salaries) to their web sites without a hiccup in site performance. The scalable nature and ease-of-use also allows news outlets to quickly respond to news such as natural disasters with informative apps and data sets – without experiencing bottlenecks in time to go-live or in site performance.  The ease-of-use also allows virtually anyone, such as journalists, to become app developers – building interactive experiences that add value to online news articles, blogs, etc.

Also, the cost effectiveness of Caspio allows virtually any data set to become ROI positive. Since the investment of time and resources into publishing these data sets is minimal, it doesn’t take all that much activity for them to become a profitable endeavor. News agencies can add value, and revenue, to their content with very little effort.

Learn more about Caspio solutions for news media HERE. Interested in building apps for your web site that inform and entertain your community? Start a free trial of the Caspio platform today.

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