In 2012, Reese Mercer set out to help a community that is sometimes unable to fend for itself: pets facing homelessness. A growing problem, many families – through no fault of their own – are forced to give up the dogs and other pets they love. Major life events Fido Bugamong the humans in a family can sometimes make it difficult or impossible to keep the pets.

Reese believed there was a way to connect these families faced with the difficult decision of giving up their dogs – and those eager to offer new and safe homes for these loyal and loving creatures. She believed that by creating an online community where owners and adopters could connect – she could keep more and more pets out of shelters. And keeping pets out of shelters usually means keeping them alive – and with a far greater quality of life.

So, Reese set out to create website – which would provide not just the pet adoption listings service – but also other resources for adopting or re-homing a pet. Since Reese is a self-proclaimed “do it yourself-er” – she wanted to build’s apps on a platform she could really own. But, Reese did not have a programming or database management background. That is how Reese came upon Caspio. She liked the no-coding aspect, and the ease-of-use.

After some work on her own, and then some productive sessions with a Caspio Technical Account Manager (TAM) – Reese was able to launch the site. It took only a few weeks of conceptualizing and designing the listings system. “I found that experience very helpful and instructive,” Mercer says of working with her assigned TAM. Mercer also says that the TAM was able to speak to her in “her language” and make each phase of the project relate-able to her overall project goals.

The pet listings system powered by Caspio.

The pet listings system powered by Caspio.

Today, is growing fast, with even wider expansion on the horizon. Mercer tells us she is seeing hundreds of new members joining the site, with an average of 150 inquiries passing through the listings system. While is focused on Oregon, Washington and Northern California – Mercer hopes to expand the site into a national community – helping dogs across America find loving homes. was able to launch quickly and smoothly thanks to Reese’s clear vision – and a little help from Caspio experts and the platform itself.

I feel like Caspio is a partner in my success. The team at Caspio went out of their way to understand my vision and what I am trying to accomplish.

Reese Mercer

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