Solar industry consultant Hadley Price began utilizing cloud computing over ten years ago when he used Caspio for all his web application projects. Confident he could deliver industry solutions on a small budget, Price set out to create a unique network for solar enthusiasts to find reputable solar installers and share their solar projects, energy readings, and recommendations online.

Price first implemented this idea when he was hired by Solar Oregon, a nonprofit organization with a government grant to promote solar energy throughout the state. He utilized Caspio to create a community portal of local homeowners, solar-friendly businesses, and solar professionals.

Solar Energy Cloud Apps - Solar Oregon

Oregon residents can search the network for solar professionals, installers and contractors.

Price also converted an energy readings program from a paper-based annual report to an online monthly report. Using Caspio for all the web apps, he estimates Solar Oregon has saved over $100,000 in development and operation costs.

Now as the Information Officer at Clean Energy Logistics Lab (CELL), he utilized Caspio again to implement similar ideas on a national scale. The website offers a nationwide search for solar enthusiasts sharing their installation experiences, photos, videos, recommended contractors, and even a live feed from their power meters.

Homeowners, called “Solar Ambassadors”, log into the Caspio-powered membership app to publish their profile with project details and success stories aimed to help others learn about implementing solar technologies.

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As a long-time Caspio customer since 2002, Price has built an extensive portfolio of sophisticated web applications over the years without having to learn programming.

I understand how to listen to what people want, and then turn around and make it happen using Caspio.

Hadley Price
Information Officer
Clean Energy Logistics Lab (CELL)

Most recently, Price launched “Solarize Now!”, a group discount program offering personal assistance from a CELL specialist to advise on available solar options, utility and tax incentives/grants, and competitive pricing. A portion of proceeds go to local NPR and PBS stations that promote the program.

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