Forrester estimates that the worldwide market for cloud computing will hit $241 billion in 2020. Among the slew of cloud platforms, the three most widely utilized types are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

As offerings from cloud platforms broaden, the line between PaaS and IaaS is blurring, making it even more difficult for companies to make the right decision.

According to the report from Forrester, the most critical factor in selecting the right cloud platform is knowing your developers. The analysis found that successful adoption depends on the skills of your cloud developers, categorized by three groups:

  • Rapid Devs: Developers who prefer not to code and value graphical, automated tools for creating applications instead of integrated development environments.
  • Coders: Programmers who want to focus on perfecting their applications and not be bothered with infrastructure configuration and maintenance.
  • DevOps Pros: Expert programmers who not only write the applications but also need to configure the platform that supports their code.

Caspio PaaS – Designed for Rapid Devs

Caspio’s DYI platform-as-a-service was designed for Rapid Devs who want to bring ideas to life quickly, without worrying much about code or infrastructure.  The cloud platform provides built-in tools and features for rapid app-building and fast iteration:

Visual App Builder – The intuitive point-and-click wizards give Rapid Devs the maximum level of control over the functionality, workflow and design of the online database apps, simplifying the entire process of prototyping, development, and modifications.

App Templates – Caspio provides free ready-made application templates (such as task management, knowledgebase, membership systems, etc.) for Rapid Devs to easily customize to their specific needs.

Embedded Deployment – With Caspio’s unique “embed anywhere” app deployment, Rapid Devs can instantly deploy their apps on any web property simply by pasting one line of deploy code.

Built-in IaaS – Caspio takes care of the entire backend infrastructure, leveraging the most used IaaS provider, Amazon Web Services, to offer enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that is always secure, reliable, and easy to scale.

Coders Also Save Time Leveraging PaaS

Additionally, Caspio provides Web Service APIs for Coders to quickly develop and integrate all kinds of database-driven applications with their existing systems. They can easily customize and extend Caspio-powered apps using standard programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. In this way, Caspio helps Coders save a lot of time and energy — freeing them up to focus on their most challenging web development projects.

With technology requirements changing at a rapid pace, businesses are seeing an evolving and ever-growing demand for IT resources. Now more than ever, adopting the right cloud platform can significantly reduce your IT project backlog.

We invite you to see how Caspio can help cultivate productive DIY developers in your organization. Register for a free trial to get started.

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