Caspio Web Application Performance - Compared to PaaS VendorsStudy after study shows that fast performing websites are good for business. Users don’t have the patience to wait. Attention spans are short and users simply move on. Google also has little tolerance for slow page loads and penalizes slow sites with lower search engine rankings, resulting in less traffic.

In addition to web content and graphics, many websites also have public-facing forms and apps that need to load as quickly as the site itself. With all the resources, time and money going into achieving a prosperous website, companies cannot afford to have slow apps. Even if the app is completely internal, a slow performing application wastes employee time.

At Caspio, we understand that in order to maintain our customers’ trust and loyalty, we carry a big responsibility to make sure that Caspio-powered apps perform as fast as current standards demand. In the end, a fancy feature doesn’t matter if your users are not willing to wait around to see it.

There are three main factors in achieving superior app performance:

  • Well-designed apps and optimized tables
  • Finely-tuned database server and application engine, along with smart engineering applied to Caspio’s software layers
  • Massive infrastructure including server horsepower, application farm scalability and plenty of bandwidth

The first factor is part Caspio automation technology and part customer responsibility. Our expert team is available for app reviews, providing assurance that your apps are well-designed for security, usability and performance. The second and third factors are entirely Caspio’s responsibility.

One of the steps we have taken to achieve superior online database app performance is our heavy investment in Amazon Web Services, the best-in-class cloud infrastructure available today. Combining powerful architecture and integrated support from our application engine, we have achieved the capability to offer virtually limitless scalability and deliver great performance for your apps, no matter how much traffic is thrown at them.

Case in point is the example in the chart shown below. What you see here is the launch of a massive database by one of Caspio’s media customers at 3:15 UTC on their highly trafficked website. When the traffic to the customer’s application suddenly spikes, Caspio’s infrastructure automatically adds additional application servers until performance returns to the required levels.

Caspio Web Application Performance

This graph illustrates how Caspio’s technology keeps heavily trafficked web applications running smoothly and quickly despite huge spikes in usage.

Platform-as-a-Service platforms like Caspio are delivered through multi-tenant architecture, meaning that many customers share the same infrastructure. If the platform provider is unable to immediately address spikes in traffic coming from one customer, other customers experience degraded performance. That is why PaaS customers need to understand how the vendor handles sustained usage and spikes.

We are proud that, as reported by independent sources, Caspio’s performance leads the PaaS industry by a great margin. The numbers below are reported by on July 10, 2013.

Caspio Web Application Performance - Compare PaaS Vendors

Caspio’s performance of two customer-serving domains, as reported by Alexa.

Quickbase - Compare Application Performance of Caspio Competitors

Caspio competitor QuickBase, with slower load times. via Salesforce - Compare Application Performance of Caspio Competitors

The report of PaaS competitor shows their performance is substantially slower.

 Zoho Creator - Compare Application Performance of Caspio Competitors

Another competitor, Zoho Creator, slugging along while a Caspio customer would have already had their data served.

TrackVia - Compare Application Performance of Caspio Competitors

The report on TrackVia begs the question: Do you really want your applications reliant on a site that lags behind 75 percent of all websites?

As Caspio continues to improve our operational excellence, from code quality to global infrastructure expansion, we are proud to offer our customers the best application performance in the industry.

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