Most businesses rely on intricate business process management systems to operate efficiently. Business professionals use these systems to review contracts, approve proposals and plan budgets. Paperwork tends to pile up, however, when professionals become busy with higher priority projects and are unable to make quick decisions.

Learn how easy it is to build powerful online business applications without writing a single line of code.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone is able to spend less time dealing with tedious administrative tasks and more time addressing mission-critical business requirements? The best way to do this is to build your own custom business application that integrates approval workflows efficiently so it’s easier for your organization to file requests, assign tasks, respond to queries and track status movements.

Caspio, a Leader in the low-code business application development market, is equipped with user-friendly and intuitive visual application builder that enables users with little to no coding experience create powerful applications that simplify the organization’s business process management systems.

Caspio’s low-code platform has a step-by-step wizard which guides you through every phase of your application development process. Our very own Technical Evangelist Ned Pajić even created a playlist that walks you through the creation of the application and its capabilities.

Watch the playlist to learn how to build feature-rich approval workflow apps from scratch:

By the end of series, you’ll have a better understanding of how to create a web application that incorporates approval workflows. This five-video series is one and a half hour long and available on demand on YouTube and Udemy. Feel free to go over the individual videos here:

  1. Application overview
  2. How to create database tables and relationships
  3. How to create views and login screens
  4. How to create folders, application interfaces and online forms
  5. How to deploy applications

With Caspio, business users closest to the application requirement are able to build web based databases and apps within an hour or less. These custom web applications enable organizations to foster agility, market responsiveness and competitive differentiation.

Do away with tedious paperwork and have fun building your own business applications with Caspio. Schedule a demo today!

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