When it comes to fixing technology issues for end users, IT professionals pride themselves in prompt response times to ensure users remain productive. The right IT helpdesk ticketing system goes a long way to help IT departments efficiently communicate with employees during busy periods.

Caspio recently released a free IT Helpdesk System that can be easily deployed to any website or intranet with little to no coding. End users can track the status of their IT helpdesk tickets, while IT staff can manage all requests using a centralized online database.

Caspio's Simple IT Helpdesk
This app template is free with any Caspio account to use “as is”, or customize based on your exact requirements.

Caspio’s point-and click tools allow you to adapt the template to your particular needs without too much heavy lifting. You can easily modify the underlying data and fields to implement your organization’s custom workflow into the application.

Feature highlights:

  • Administrators can search, view, and manage their assigned IT helpdesk tickets
  • Supports unlimited users and thousands of tickets
  • Seamlessly embed the app on any website, CMS system, or intranet
  • Keep everyone informed with automatic email alerts whenever a ticket status is changed

The app template can be further extended with more functionality:

  • Customize or add new fields to display additional ticket details
  • Display charts for data visualization
  • Create additional user roles and permissions

To get started, sign up for a free trial and request this app to be loaded into your account.

Caspio Free Trial Caspio Free Trial