When it comes to organizing and prioritizing tasks, a simple to-do list can be an indispensable tool for managers. It allows them to manage team responsibilities efficiently – from overseeing day-to-day tasks to effectively delivering projects to completion. A recent report published by the American Psychological Association reveals that a team can accomplish more tasks when the manager keeps track of employees’ progress.

Caspio recently released a free Team To-Do List app template to make it easy for managers to create and delegate tasks, document requirements, track progress, and stay updated on the latest status using an online database solution. Employees get immediate clarity from their manager so they can execute based on their manager’s expectations.

To-Do List App Template
Feature highlights:

  • Seamlessly embed the to-do list app on any website, CMS, or intranet
  • Update status, add comments, and track the time spent on each task
  • Easily add new or update existing tasks with the click of a button
  • Supports unlimited users, and thousands of projects and tasks

The app template can be further extended with more functionality:

  • Allow employees to create or reassign their own tasks
  • Display charts for data visualization
  • Enable automatic emails whenever tasks are assigned or updated

This ready-made template is free with any Caspio account to use “as is”, or customize based on your exact requirements.

Sign up for a free trial and request the Team To-Do List app to be loaded into your account.

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