We have just released a new addition to our app gallery, the Online Event Calendar. This application template offers a quick-and-easy way to publish event information as a monthly calendar on your website to inform and engage your users.

The app template can be embedded on any website, intranet, blog, or Facebook page. Once deployed, you can display events in both a monthly calendar and list view, allow users to submit their own events, and manage all event information through the administrative interface.

Using Caspio’s point-and-click wizards, you can customize this template to your exact needs. Additionally, the application is responsive to any device if you deploy it to a mobile or responsive website.

Feature highlights:

  • Allow public users to submit events directly on your website.
  • Switch between calendar and list view with a simple click-of-a-button.
  • Google map integration allows visitors to easily locate the event.
  • Administrators can review incoming event submissions and approve them for publication.
  • Application supports unlimited public users and administrators and thousands of events.

The app can be further extended with more functionality:

  • Easily add an event registration form and notification email.
  • Allow users to create a profile to see the events they have registered for.
  • Include a “Get Directions” link to Google Maps.

The template is free with your Caspio account to use “as is” or customize based on your needs.

Don’t have an account? Simply sign up for a free trial and request the app to be loaded into your account.

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