Studies show that small and medium-sized businesses are one of the most important market segments for the cloud computing industry. However, the technology and service needs of SMBs are largely under-served due to the “one-size-fits-all” approach taken by most cloud vendors.

These generic solutions aren’t suited to the dynamic nature, relatively smaller scale, and limited financial and IT resources typical of SMBs.

As a Platform-as-a-Service leader designed for non-technical business users, Caspio understands the nuances of serving the SMB market and is dedicated to fulfilling their unique needs.

Below are five ways Caspio plays an integral role in the daily operations for SMBs.

1.   Data is the lifeblood of your small business. You need to manage it well.  

Business revolves around data – prospect inquiries, customer data, operations and performance metrics, market research, web analytics, and more. In a digital world, literally everything is about data and you have to manage it well in order to target specific markets and grow your business. The right data management tool goes a long way in differentiating yourself in the market.

A cloud database not only enables you to do what you want with your data — reporting, calculations, visualization, just to name a few — it also is highly accessible and secure. With Caspio, you can perform various database tasks and build custom applications for internal or external use, such as ad-hoc reports, data drill-down, dashboards, and more. You and your team can tap into the Caspio platform from anywhere at any time via the cloud.

2.   Execute your business ideas faster than your competitors.

Today’s competitive landscape is fierce, diverse, and full of noise and uncertainties. Businesses simply cannot afford to miss any opportunity. Having a great idea is just the start – you have to figure out how to execute it faster than your competitors.

Having its roots in the Internet since 2000, Caspio’s do-it-yourself platform makes it easy for you to turn ideas into web-based applications. You can build apps entirely on your own, or have our Professional Services team custom-build everything for you.  Many SMBs have built their entire business on the Caspio platform.

3.   Receive world-class support for your business-critical database apps.

Your online database applications need to be well-supported at all times, since they play a crucial role in daily business operations. Having a reliable support team behind you to quickly address any situation brings tremendous peace of mind that can be hard to find elsewhere. Caspio has a U.S.-based support team that you can rely on. We go the extra mile to accommodate your needs regardless of whether you are a one-person entrepreneur or a large company. Just take a look at what customers are saying about us on LinkedIn.

4.   Choose the right partner and stay at the forefront of technology.

New technology trends and innovation are ahead at every turn … Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), Internet of ThingsSelf-Service BImobile web, and the list keeps going. Partnering with the right technology provider allows you to remain at the forefront of these trends and convert technology challenges into advantages. With a flexible Platform-as-a-Service at its core, Caspio is continuously helping our customers embrace new technology to stay ahead of the game.

5.   Gain significant cost savings with usage-based cloud pricing. 

Along with a new way to deliver software, cloud computing allows vendors to break free from traditional user-based “per-seat” pricing models. Usage-based cloud pricing gives SMBs tremendous flexibility to scale their business cost-effectively. Caspio has pioneered the usage-based model offering free unlimited users since its start. You only pay for the amount of resources you consume. Many SMB customers have successfully leveraged Caspio to deliver custom apps within budget.

If you are searching for a highly-customizable data management solution to meet the specific requirements of your SMB, you need to try Caspio.

Sign up for a free trial account or request a no-obligation project consultation with one of our data experts to discuss your needs in more detail.

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