Fast-Private-2013We are excited to announce that Caspio was recognized on the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2013 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Silicon Valley. The award recognizes companies based on their rate of revenue growth for fiscal years 2010 to 2012.

We owe this honor to our loyal customers. Without their continued business and trust throughout the years, we couldn’t have made this happen. Among all the companies that were considered this year, 52 made the list and Caspio was ranked at number 34.

Unlike the norm in Silicon Valley where companies rely heavily on external funding to achieve growth, Caspio is growing organically and thriving without any external investment.


At the awards banquet, which was held last night at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, all award recipients were asked to answer one question in 10 words or less: “Knowing what you know today, what is the best business decision you ever made?” The answers ranged from introspective to humorous. Caspio Founder and CEO Frank Zamani told the audience: “Hire good people and let them take risks.”

This answer is a reflection of Caspio’s corporate culture in that we deliberately maintain a stringent hiring process. Candidates have to go through several rounds of interviews, standardized tests, background checks, and so on. But once hired, employees work within a trusted framework where they can bring their creativity and expertise into play. People are encouraged to try new ideas and question the status quo. During decision making sessions, everyone is free to disagree with anyone else’s ideas. Once an idea takes root and shows results, it is quickly embraced in our daily operations.

Reflecting on last night’s award ceremony, we think the question is quite relevant to anyone … What has been your best professional decision to date? Feel free to share your own answer below in 10 words or less.

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