The former Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, Muhtar Kent, understood that today’s fast-paced business environment means that companies must rethink how they approach their customers. “The focus used to be creating positive consumer impressions,” said Kent. “Now it’s creating positive consumer expressions.”

Smart CEOs know that there is an increasing need for fast and highly-customized solutions to acquire, serve and retain customers. In the Age of the Empowered Customer, you need solutions that deliver consistent and high-value digital experiences that accelerate your time-to-market and speed-to-revenue. Fortunately, low-code application development platforms provide you with these solutions by enabling you to create business applications tailored to your specific needs.

Low-code platforms deliver easy-to-use application development environments for tech-savvy business leaders who want to build custom applications that streamline operations and improve customer engagement. Low-code platforms like Caspio use visual user interfaces instead of traditional methods of coding, allowing people without any experience in coding to create online applications. “A broad base of analysts and business leaders are now recognizing that low-code platforms have become a driving factor in making organizations more agile, market-responsive and customer-centric,” said Caspio CEO Frank Zamani.

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If you want your organization to create positive consumer expressions, then there are many reasons why you should consider building custom applications with low-code platforms:

Low-Code Platforms Allow For Flexible Customization and On-Demand Scalability

Low-code platforms like Caspio give business leaders the power to build enterprise-grade applications that match their unique business needs, empowering the person closest to the problem to solve the problem. Caspio also allows business leaders to make frequent changes to the capabilities of their online database apps without affecting performance and scale their applications to handle more volume as they grow.

Low-Code Platforms Reduce Development Time

Since low-code platforms like Caspio use visual point-and-click wizards, business leaders will be able to keep development in-house and reduce development time by over 60%, as SiteRocket Labs discovered when creating HIPAA-compliant web applications.

For the Tennessee Department of Health, it was even faster. Their IT team had been trying to build the application for over 18 months, costing the agency upwards of $100,000. Using Caspio’s low-code platform, the department finally completed the app in two months — 90% faster than traditional development.

Low-Code Platforms Streamline Operations

Caspio streamlines and automates process workflows to improve productivity and efficiency across the organization. Business leaders are able to create online reporting tools tailored to their company’s specific requirements, including data visualizations, dynamic dashboards, ad hoc search and data summaries.

With all the benefits of building custom applications on low-code platforms like Caspio, it’s not surprising that many CEOs have started integrating this exciting technology into their organizations. “To me, leadership is all about creating value in whatever you do — and whatever role you are in — and leaving something better than you found it,” said Muhtar Kent. The Caspio low-code platform delivers the kind of value that Kent champions. Business leaders use Caspio to make their organization more agile and customer-centric because the all-in-one platform provides everything needed to capture data, share information and automate business processes.

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