Every day, businesses deal with increasing amount of data — from clients’ contact information, product inquiries and service requests to employee performance reports. While programs like MS Excel will allow you to store this data on spreadsheets, after some time adding numerous rows, columns and spreadsheets will eventually become burdensome and unmanageable. What you need is a database-driven web app that will enable you to control and manage your data more efficiently.

Fortunately, it’s easy to build these web apps on Caspio. Caspio is an intuitive application development platform that enables business leaders to create custom business applications that are enhanced with database-driven capabilities such as submission forms, login pages, search interfaces, feedback systems and more. Caspio gives business professionals with little to no coding experience the power to address their specific application needs.

Prior to the rise of low-code application development platforms like Caspio, businesses relied heavily on their IT teams to create centralized online databases using high-level programming languages such as PHP, ASPX or ASP and deploy them on their company website.

With Caspio, business professionals are now able to develop and deploy these databases themselves. This gives them the freedom to create solutions that streamline data management processes and capture and store data in database-driven web apps that are easily embedded in any website, regardless of the hosting provider or content management system. Because the applications are running on Caspio’s own servers, there’s no need for additional scripting or CPU power.

Best of all, there’s no need to hire a team of web developers! Caspio provides an ideal solution to create database-driven web applications by yourself. Here are five of the database web apps you’ll be able to create with Caspio with no coding:

Submission Forms

Caspio enables you to create a flexible submission form that you’ll be able to easily deploy on your website. A submission form is perfect for capturing information and storing them in your online database.

Feedback, Survey and Registration Forms

These types of online information sheets are packed with critical information that enable you to make informed decisions in your organization.

Searchable Databases and Directories

From product inventories to rare plant species repositories, this kind of database-driven application is useful for almost every organization.

Data Visualization Web Apps

Transform your data into powerful visualizations, insightful reports and other visually appealing graphs.

Project Management Systems

Keep your projects organized and ensure timely delivery as you track and manage your team’s tasks, assignments and deliverables more efficiently.

Excited to create your custom web application? Get started today.

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