Caspio Incorporates Amazon S3 Storage for Online Database Files

Abundant cloud file storage can be tapped for point-and-click web apps.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, September 15, 2011 — Caspio, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of its High Usage FileStor. The service enables Caspio customers to utilize Amazon S3 as a repository for their files and images, while continuing to manage files easily through Caspio’s online database and point-and-click app builder.

Caspio’s online database has always provided the ability to upload and manage files through a variety of app interfaces easily created with step-by-step wizards. Files have been stored within the database space for maximum security and control.

Now with the High Usage FileStor service, Caspio customers have the option of storing their files on Amazon S3 for additional storage capacity without affecting the intuitive file management capabilities they have grown accustomed to in their Caspio-powered apps.

A pioneer in cloud computing since 2000, Caspio empowers business users to create web and mobile apps without coding and embed them on any internal or public website. Visit Caspio’s website to sign up for a free 14-day trial.

About Caspio

As a leader in platform-as-a-service and cloud database technology, Caspio helps tech-savvy business users shrink development time of web and mobile apps, forms and reports from weeks to a matter of hours, and from thousands of dollars to a small monthly fee. Caspio’s intuitive point-and-click database platform requires no coding skills and powers over 500,000 apps for government agencies, America’s largest newspaper websites, Fortune-500 companies, and thousands of businesses around the world.

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