Case Study Synopsis

Customer Paragon Global CRS
Industry Healthcare / Clinical Research Support
Challenge Find a tool to improve healthcare data management and day-to-day operations
Why Caspio
  • Eliminates redundant, time-consuming data entry tasks
  • Empowers business developers to create solutions even with limited resources
  • Enables healthcare organizations to build secure, HIPAA-compliant apps


Hi, my name is Danielle Baxter and I’m the director of business development for Paragon Global CRS.

Paragon is a clinical research support organization based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. We help manage patient experiences in clinical trials.

Tackling Data Management, Compliance Challenges

We faced very specific challenges before we found the Caspio platform. We were looking for an appropriate tool or technology solution to efficiently manage our day-to-day operations.

This is the problem we had: we were wasting way too much time on simple data entry responsibilities, and it’s taking away our focus from patient care. We were neglecting our core clients just to manage our data on a daily basis.

We also have this joint problem of needing to provide a continuity of care for all the people that we work with, and be HIPAA compliant. We don’t have a lot of resources to devote to developing technology tools.

We needed an incredible support system and that’s what we found in Caspio.

Low-Code Platform for Business Developers

The Caspio platform is unbelievably oriented towards people who are business developers. It makes me see our company and the way that it operates in a completely different way. All of a sudden, I have this amazing tool that allows me to do so many things.

Caspio is so efficient and effective for our company, I can already imagine how it can help us grow in the future. I guess the word that best describes my relationship and our company’s relationship with Caspio is “transformative.”

Before Caspio, we didn’t know how we were going to manage patient data in a compliant and efficient way, to provide the kinds of services that the industry expects from us.

Safe, Secure Data Management Solution

Anybody who’s looking for a way to optimize their business and manage data entry safely and securely, could look at Caspio as an optimal solution.

We were able to reduce our data entry burden by 80% using Caspio. And we did it securely in a HIPAA environment. Because of Caspio, we’re able to contemplate growth and to imagine that as something very real and within our grasp.

Build Feature-Rich Web Applications Without Coding

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