Case Study Synopsis

Customer Davis and Larson PC
Industry Finance
Challenge Find a replacement for Microsoft Access Web Apps
Why Caspio
  • Enables users to organize data more efficiently and in one location
  • Supports rapid application development with easy-to-use interface
  • Enables finance businesses to provide more value-added services to client


My name is Kevin Davis. And I’m a shareholder and sole owner of Davis and Larson PC. I’m an accountant, a CPA, and a certified financial planner.

Well, my role is I’m really the go-to person in terms of my clients’ financial needs. Whether it be accounting or trying to save money on taxes, they look to me to provide their financial coaching.

Reliable Replacement for Microsoft Access

I was looking for a replacement for the Access web application. Microsoft decided that they were going to close down that product. And so, when I found Caspio and I saw the similarities to Access, it just looked like a custom fit for everything that I was doing.

The reason why I was drawn to Caspio really is it takes everything that I did in terms of organizing my data, whether it be in Excel or in Access, and allows me to put it in the cloud. All the data can be held in the same place.

When I saw that Caspio was such a great fit for what I’m trying to accomplish, and the pricing was very competitive, I honestly didn’t need to go anywhere else.

Database Platform with Easy-to-Use Interface

I really hit the ground running and I’ve been able to build a very robust application in a very short amount of time.

Just how fast I’ve been able to implement some of the ideas that have just stymied me for years, and the things that I’ve been able to do in the last two months using the Caspio platform, have blown me away.

I’m an old guy.

When I started in my profession in accounting, we were preparing tax returns by hand. And as we started to make that transition to using spreadsheets and creating data, for the last 20 years, I’ve been looking forward to this point where we’re at right now in terms of being able to process and collect data and hold it in one place where you can actually do things with it.

Providing Value-Added Services with Caspio

Collaboration with clients is just huge. And this gives us, finally, the opportunity to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do in my career.

It’s just a very exciting time.

We all want to be value-added providers. And having a mechanism of providing those types of services is, frankly, very inspirational to me.

Build Feature-Rich Web Applications Without Coding

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