Research by Deloitte shows that text messaging is one of the things many consumers check first in the morning and repeatedly throughout the day.

Compared to emails, SMS notifications tend to grab more attention and generate a stronger sense of urgency – which is why many businesses integrate SMS messaging into their daily operations.

Caspio’s Web Services API provides unlimited potentials to integrate your Caspio apps with other applications such as text messaging services. Caspio’s low-code application platform enables rapid development with little to no coding.

Provided that your Caspio plan includes the API feature, Zapier connectivity is available to you at no extra cost. In Zapier, Caspio can be configured as a source of triggers and also as a destination for actions. SMS services that can be integrated with Caspio include Mobyt, Twilio, and SMS by Zapier.

You can trigger sending a text message whenever new data is added to a Caspio table, or when existing data is updated or deleted. For example, customers could receive an activation code when they sign up for your app, or get a message when the status of their order has changed; or your support team could receive an SMS when a high-priority ticket is opened.

Aside from important contextual information, SMS notifications can also add an extra layer of security to your operations. For example, if you are a database administrator, you may want to trigger text alerts to yourself to monitor when sensitive data is modified.

To learn more about Caspio’s integration with Zapier, read the online help.

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