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Dive into the world of low-code development with the latest industry trends, inspirations and insights.

5 Characteristics of an Exceptional Low-Code Application

Low-code development has democratized the realm of software creation, enabling business professionals — not just experienced developers — to create robust digital solutions tailored to their requirements. However, a simpler development process doesn't impl...

How Low-Code Fuels the Hybrid Work Revolution

Picture this: pajamas from the waist down, a cat on your keyboard and an online meeting in full swing. Welcome to the post-pandemic workplace, where working in your comfiest clothes is now the norm. The pandemic catapulted us into the world of remote work, but...

All Systems Go: How to Prep Your Business for Full-Scale Low-Code Adoption

For today's businesses, staying competitive means going digital. There's no denying the massive advantage that low-code development can bring to organizations. However, adopting low code across the board is easier said than done. It requires careful planning, ...

Global Consulting Firm Protects Human Rights and Environment Using Caspio

Gone are the days when companies could detach themselves from the people they impact. Today, they must fully embrace their role as corporate citizens, as driving forces whose policies and practices play a key role in addressing social and environmental issues....

As Amazon Abandons Honeycode Users, Caspio Extends a Warm Welcome

After just three years of service, Amazon will shut down its low-code platform, Honeycode, by February 29, 2024.  Prior to this, in 2021, fellow tech giant Google also closed down its low-code builder, the Google App Maker, only five years from launching.  ...

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From Raw Data to Real Impact: 4 Benefits of Building Custom Apps From Your Data

How do you set your business for success in this rapidly evolving, highly competitive digital landscape? It's simple: harnessing the power of your data to create custom apps, tailored to meet your specific needs and solve your unique business challenges. These...

Top Website Builders for Deploying Caspio in 2023

Websites are a must-have for most modern businesses. After all, they serve as a digital storefront – a virtual place where customers can conduct their business much as they would in a brick-and-mortar office or shop. They establish credibility and brand iden...

Optimize Internal Business Processes With SMS Messaging

Did you know that a whopping 23 billion text messages are sent each day? Text messaging is an integral part of modern life, which is why businesses have wisely adopted this method of communicating with their customers, employees and contacts. From transaction ...

Why Every Business Needs a Low-Code Platform: Top 5 Benefits

About 75% of digital applications will be made with low-code technology by 2025 – a clear indication of its immense value. With low code, users can create powerful business applications faster, using visual point-and-click tools instead of line-by-line codin...

From Excel to Cloud: Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

Migrating your spreadsheet data to a cloud database and integrating it into a cloud application can be a powerful way to streamline your business operations. However, this process can also be fraught with challenges and potential pitfalls. In this article, we'...

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